Sofema Aviation Services is 15 Years Old

Site publication SOLSAS 3 02Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is very proud to share our 15th year anniversary

A big thank you to all our Customers, Partners, Trainers, and last but not least our Staff!

Milestones for 2023

  • > Over 650 Courses now available at
  • > 300+ Courses, Packages, and Diplomas now available at
  • > In 2023 will see our 100,000th delegate enroll in EASA Compliant Sofema Regulatory & Vocational Training

SAS was founded in 2008 by aviation professionals with the aim of providing high-quality, cost-effective aviation training and consultancy services to the aviation industry.

Sofema Aviation Services has an extensive network of clients across the globe, which includes airlines, maintenance organizations, airports, civil aviation authorities, and other aviation-related organizations. This has helped the company to gain a deep understanding of the aviation industry and to tailor its services to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Commented Steve Bentley FRAeS CEO of Sofema:

“Reaching our 15-year milestone is a credit to the strong team we have in Sofema, together with our clear values, resilience, customer focus, and innovation. By consistently following an organic development strategy we have been able to build up a strong and stable market presence. We believe we are firmly positioned to continue to provide high-quality training and consultancy services, helping aviation professionals and organizations improve their performance and achieve their goals.”

About Sofema Aviation Services

Over the past 15 years, Sofema Aviation Services has built a reputation for excellence in the aviation industry, providing a wide range of training courses and consultancy services to airlines, maintenance organizations, and aviation authorities around the world.

Our training courses cover a wide range of topics, including aviation safety management, human factors, maintenance, quality management, and regulatory compliance. Courses are designed to provide practical, real-world training that helps aviation professionals improve their competence, knowledge, and skills.

Our consultancy services help organizations improve their safety and compliance performance. These services include safety audits, compliance reviews, and regulatory support, as well as customized training and development programs tailored to meet the specific needs of individual organizations.

Looking Forward to our Future Together

Having established over the last 15 years an unrivalled EASA regulatory compliant aviation training and consultancy company, with a Company ethos strongly focused on delivering a customer-centric approach.

It is our firm belief that by genuinely putting our customers first as well as prioritizing their needs, it has enabled Sofema Aviation Services to achieve the growth and stability which has brought us this far and will enable us to continue on our growth path.

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