Meeting EASA Part 145 Initial & Continuation Training Requirements

Meeting EASA Part 145 Initial Continuation Training RequirementsSofema Online (SOL) provides support for EASA Part 145 organisations to meet and exceed all regulatory training obligations to support the acquisition of knowledge and building of competence throughout the organisation. 

Introduction – Ref Appendix IV to AMC5 145.A.30(e) and AMC2 145.B.200(a)(3) Fuel Tank Safety Training (ED Decision 2022/011/R)

Approval of training – For Part-145 approved organisations, the approval of the initial and continuation training programme and the content of the examination can be achieved by the change to the MOE. The necessary changes to the MOE to meet the content of this decision should be made and implemented at the time requested by the competent authority.

Meeting and Documenting the Initial & Continuation Organisational Obligations 

Reference the above statement by EASA – the burden is placed on the competent authority to require an update of the MOE to reflect the Management and Control of Initial & Recurrent Training. So is it a case of “don’t ask – don’t tell!” 

The takeaway from this is that ultimately the organisation is responsible to self-manage to ensure compliance with ALL regulatory obligations & not to wait to be told what to do by the CA (do you agree?)

So, what needs to be done?

  • - Understand the Regulatory Requirements related to EASA 145 Organisations
  • - Assess the Training Options to meet the objectives (Internal / External)
  • - Choose the Training Solution which meets your objectives (Reliability, Cost, Compliance)
  • - Continue to Review and Audit the Solution for Continuing Compliance

How Does Sofema Online Virtual Aviation Academy Support EASA 145 Organisations?

>> Provision of Relevant Course Material 

Sofema Online offers over 300 Courses, Packages, and Diplomas to meet all elements of 145 including all of the following roles:

  • - Logistics & Stores Manager
  • - Part 145 Compliance Manager
  • - Accountable Manager and Nominated Person
  • - EASA Part 145 Certifying & Support Staff
  • - Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor
  • - Aircraft Mechanic / Technician
  • - Base Maintenance Manager
  • - Production Planning Manager
  • - Safety Manager
  • - Technical Instructors and Trainers
  • - Technical Records Specialist
  • - MRO Workshop Manager
  • - Quality Auditor (Compliance Auditor)

Support for Quality Auditing and Oversight 

Sofema Online provides Free of Charge “Guest Enrollment” to enable assessment by Quality Managers and Training Managers to evaluate the suitability of the training material. Simply Email to request your guest enrollment.

Career Path and Training Guidance

Job Role Training Requirements (JRR) – identifying the specific regulatory compliant and vocational training opportunities to support each business area related to Job Roles.

Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass

In recognition of the significant volume of training which is relevant and applicable to all levels of staff within the 145 Organisation Sofema Online offers the Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP)

Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass Provides Access for your entire workforce to a portfolio of online training courses which would normally Cost Several 000’s Euros. 

  • Newly Available from April 2023 Corporate Freedom Pass – Client Auto Enrollment.

We are pleased to share that Corporate Freedom Pass Clients are now responsible to self-enroll their own delegates – which means you can take full control of your organisation’s enrollment process and as soon as a delegate has completed training, you can enroll the next one and so on within your allowance of concurrent users.

– Client Nominated Administrator has Full Control of Registrations
– Cost Effective allows for more enrollments within your CFP
– Full Admin Guidance and Support from Sofema Online (SOL) Team

Next Steps 

Please see and email to understand how Sofema Online can support your company’s specific objectives.