Why Ras Technic should be your preferred choice for EASA-compliant CAMO services?

RAS CAMO Partner SOLDiscover how RAS Technic's EASA-compliant CAMO services can elevate your aircraft management and maintenance

About RAS Technic

RAS Technic, a partner of Sofema Aviation Services is a distinguished provider of aviation maintenance services, particularly for the Airbus A320 family. Committed to enhancing the safety, efficiency, and reliability of airline operations, the company offers tailored maintenance and airworthiness management services. By leveraging expert technical knowledge, RAS Technic maintains a professional standard of excellence in the aviation industry and specializes in comprehensive EASA-compliant CAMO services, line maintenance, and tailored consultancy. See more


Navigating the complex requirements of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) involves overcoming numerous challenges and adhering to stringent regulations.

Choosing RAS Technic for your EASA-compliant CAMO services means partnering with a company that is dedicated to excellence, safety, and regulatory adherence. The comprehensive approach ensures meticulous management of all aspects of airworthiness, including up-to-date regulatory compliance, rigorous training programs, precise documentation, and effective risk management.

The Romanian Civil Aviation Authority (RO CAA) has awarded RAS Technic the prestigious CAMO Approval for the Airbus A320 Family, underscoring their commitment to continuous improvement, innovative solutions, and robust quality systems. This guarantees that your aircraft is maintained to the highest standards, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum operational efficiency through a proactive approach to compliance and safety

Here’s why RAS Technic stands out as the optimal choice for these critical areas: 

  • >> Regulatory Compliance & Training: RAS Technic ensures all personnel stay current with the latest EASA regulations through ongoing training, maintaining necessary qualifications and certifications, and conducting regular competence assessments.
  • >> Documentation & Audit Readiness: Comprehensive and accurate documentation is maintained in line with EASA Part M requirements, supported by regular internal audits and preparations for external audits.
  • >> Quality & Continuous Improvement: A robust quality management system is in place to monitor compliance and performance, with effective non-conformance management and a culture of continuous improvement.
  • >> Maintenance Programs & Scheduling: Maintenance programs are kept up-to-date with manufacturer and regulatory requirements, with efficient scheduling to minimize downtime.
  • >> Resource Management & Accurate Records: Resources, including manpower and materials, are meticulously allocated, and precise records of maintenance activities, inspections, and directives are maintained.
  • >> Data Management & Accessibility: Secure data management systems ensure efficient storage and retrieval of records, which are readily accessible for review by regulatory authorities.
  • >> Risk & Safety Management: Regular risk assessments and an effective Safety Management System (SMS) are integrated to manage safety risks and ensure EASA compliance, supported by a robust incident reporting system.
  • >> Supplier & Contract Management: Only EASA-approved suppliers are used, with regular audits to ensure standards, and effective contract management to ensure compliance.
  • >> Communication & Coordination: Internal and external communication is fostered for smooth operations, with timely information sharing among all parties involved in the maintenance process.
  • >> Financial Management: Accurate budgeting, effective cost control measures, and transparent financial reporting support audits and regulatory reviews.
  • >>Technology & Innovation: Advanced software is used for maintenance planning and regulatory compliance, with regular calibration of tools and adoption of technological advancements to enhance efficiency.

 Your aircraft deserves the best—choose RAS Technic and experience the difference.

Don't leave your airworthiness management to chance. Choose RAS Technic for unparalleled expertise and dedication to maintaining the highest EASA standards. For inquiries about maintenance and airworthiness management services, please visit www.rastechnic.aero or contact [email protected].