The SOL Plus program has been updated Become a member and enrol in 5 introductory courses free of charge

The SOL Plus program has been updated Become a member and enrol in 5 introductory courses free of charge newforsol

Have you joined the Sofema Online (SOL) Loyalty Program SOL Plus? Don’t miss out on the latest update: Enrol in five introductory courses available for members completely free of charge


Sofema Online is pleased to announce the latest updates to the SOL Plus program, designed to offer great value to aviation professionals globally. The updated program now enables members to enrol in five introductory courses at no cost, providing a straightforward way to enhance their aviation knowledge. The entry process has been simplified by removing the requirement for an initial course purchase, making it even easier for individuals to join and benefit from the program right away. This, combined with our commitment to educational excellence, ensures that Sofema Online continues to be a leader in aviation training.





Become a member and access the following introductory courses for free:

• EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Introduction
• (EU) Regulation 965/2012 Introduction
• EASA Part 145 Introduction
• Aviation Safety Management System Introduction
• EASA Part M & Part CAMO Introduction

To benefit from this offer, simply use your individual membership number as a voucher when purchasing your course.

The updated SOL Plus program offers free membership, five introductory courses, and certificates upon passing exams at no extra cost.  And that’s not all – your membership grants you the following:

• Welcome gift from Sofema Online: Upon entrance into SOL Plus, you receive 50% off any single course of your choice (not available for multiple courses, packages or diplomas)
• Minimum – 15% off the price of any single course
• 20% for two single courses taken together
• 10% off the price of any Package
• 10% off the price of any Diploma
• 15% off the price of Freedom Pass = 1169 EUR (1375 EUR)*
• 10% from the price of Monthly Freedom Pass 115 EUR (128 EUR)*

Note: SOL Plus discounts cannot be combined with any other special offers

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How do I become a SOL Plus member?

1. Request membership of the SOL Plus program in your own name at [email protected]
2. You will then be provided with your SOL Plus registration number.
3. Next time you book a training, simply provide your SOL Plus number, and we will automatically apply your discount.

Join SOL Plus today – it’s completely free and does not require an initial course purchase. Unlock Enhanced Benefits and a Discount!