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SOL Free Courses SOL SizeCan you enrol in our courses for free? The answer is yes! Register for the EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Introduction training with VO, available through our SOL Plus Program. Complete the course and print your certificate afterwards. Become a member

About the course

This training is tailored for those eager to explore EASA-compliant aviation quality systems. It provides an ideal introduction to how a fully functioning quality assurance system can be at the heart of every department, supporting the organization’s effectiveness and ensuring compliance with quality audit requirements. Delegates will learn about the role of compliance management auditing and the various roles a quality system plays within an organization. After completing the course, they will understand how to effectively implement and maintain a robust quality assurance system, which is crucial for operational excellence and regulatory adherence. Join us to advance your expertise and contribute significantly to your organization’s growth. See details

About the SOL Plus Program

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>> 5 Free introductory courses: Gain access to courses dedicated to EASA Quality Assurance Auditing, (EU) Regulation 965/2012, Part 145, SMS, Part M & Part CAMO. Use your individual membership number as a voucher when purchasing your course to enjoy this offer. Each course is certified upon completion. See details
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