Why we offer Free courses through our Loyalty Program SOL Plus? Read an interview with Steve Bentley FRAeS, CEO of Sofema

Why we offer Free courses through our Loyalty Program SOL Plus Read an interview with Steve Bentley FRAeS CEO of Sofema sol

Sofema Online (SOL), www.sofemaonline.com, is pleased to present an exclusive interview with our CEO, Steve Bentley FRAeS, who reveals why we offer free courses through our Loyalty Program, SOL Plus.

Steve Bentley FRAeS, the founder and CEO of Sofema Online, shares his insights on the recent enhancements to the SOL Plus Program and discusses the strategic importance of offering free educational opportunities to aviation professionals. Launched to provide immediate value to newcomers and seasoned professionals alike, the SOL Plus program has recently been updated to offer even more benefits, including the opportunity to enrol in five introductory courses free of charge.

Sofema was created in March 2008 and has seen the organization grow steadily to its current size. We proudly share that we have enroled over 125,000 delegates in our online training programs.


Here, Steve answers our questions:

1) Why did you decide to offer free courses on Sofema Online?

“In reality, this is not a unique situation for us. Please see details about our Wingspan Program here.

In recent years, we have provided €50,000 to a fund to enable aspiring aviation leaders to undertake our Leadership Scholarship Program. (This will also be available in 2024 – follow our website for updates) In addition, we offer a Bursary Program to Aviation Training Establishments.

Developing a program to provide free introductory courses was a natural extension of our giving-back philosophy. Through our SOL Plus Program, we offer several free-to-join membership programs, each with key benefits and a solid rationale behind it.”

2) What are the benefits of providing your clients with free training?

“By removing the initial purchase requirement and offering five free introductory courses, the SOL Plus program makes professional development more accessible to a wider audience. We believe this lowers the barrier to entry, allowing more individuals to enhance their aviation knowledge without financial constraints.”

3) Is this the only reason you have identified?

“Not at all, and our intentions extend beyond a solely altruistic perspective in that we also believe we will attract new clients to our platform. With over 350 Courses, Packages, and Diplomas in our training portfolio, Sofema Online provides a significant opportunity for our clients to engage in our EASA-compliant regulatory and vocational online courses.

Offering free courses is a strategic way to attract new clients. Potential customers who might be hesitant to invest in our training can experience the value and quality of Sofema Online’s courses risk-free.

We also hope to foster a sense of goodwill and loyalty among our clients. Experience has taught us that once our clients experience the benefits and quality of our courses, they are more likely to continue using Sofema Online for their training needs and take advantage of the discounts and benefits available through the SOL Plus program.”

About the SOL Plus program

The updated SOL Plus program enables members to enrol in five introductory courses at no cost. These courses cover essential topics such as EASA quality assurance auditing, EU regulation 965/2012, EASA Part 145, aviation safety management system, and EASA Part M & Part CAMO. Become a member today

Members also receive a Welcome Gift of 50% off any single course and various discounts on additional courses, Packages, Diplomas, and the Freedom Pass. See details

The program aims to support the development of aviation professionals by providing accessible, high-quality training and fostering long-term customer loyalty. Joining the SOL Plus program is free and straightforward, requiring only a simple registration process. Become a member

About Sofema Online

Sofema Online (SOL), www.sofemaonline.com, is an online training platform managed by Sofema Aviation Services. It specializes in providing high-quality regulatory training for the aviation industry. Launched to facilitate industry professionals’ access to essential training, SOL offers various courses to ensure compliance with various aviation regulations and standards.

Key features of Sofema Online include:

>> Comprehensive curriculum with diverse courses covering areas such as EASA Part 145, CAMO, airworthiness, safety management systems, and more. These courses are meticulously designed to blend theoretical knowledge with practical examples, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.
>> SOL’s courses are developed by industry professionals with extensive experience in commercial aviation, providing learners with insights and expertise drawn from real-world scenarios.
>> Courses are available online, allowing participants to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for busy professionals who need to balance training with other responsibilities.
>> Upon successful completion of the courses, participants receive certificates that acknowledge their newly acquired skills and knowledge, helping to advance their careers within the aviation sector.

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Next steps

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