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Safety Performance Indicators Acceptable Level of Safety SOLWe are delighted to share our latest training:

Safety Performance Indicators (SPI) & Acceptable Level of Safety (ALOS) Executive Review

About the training:

Sofema Online's "Safety Performance Indicators (SPI) & Acceptable Level of Safety (ALoS) Executive Review" course offers a comprehensive overview for aviation professionals on establishing and monitoring safety performance indicators and achieving an acceptable level of safety. This training provides key insights into regulatory requirements, practical implementation strategies, and continuous safety improvement methodologies. Ideal for safety managers and aviation executives, the course emphasizes best practices to enhance organizational safety culture and performance. See more 

Course type: Presentation without voice-over
Duration: Equivalent to 1-day classroom training
Price: 85 EUR

What is the content of this training? 

1. Introduction

2. Definitions & Abbreviations

3. Background to Safety Risk and Exposure within an Aviation Environment

4. Considering the Difference between AloS and SPI’s

5. SPT - Alert Level – SPI

6. Understanding the Role of Safety Performance Monitoring within an SMS

7.Considering the Difference between Safety Objectives and Safety Performance Targets

8.Generic & Best Practice Principles When Developing Safety Performance Indicators (SPI’s)

9.Developing relevant SPIs to meet the business objective to monitor safety performance See the detailed content 

What are the benefits?

a) Gain a detailed awareness of the philosophy of Safety Risk management

b) Be able to fully engage with the assessment of the Acceptable Level of Safety

c) Be able to develop Safety Performance Indicators to generate data for managing an effective SMS See more benefits 

Soft Copy of the material

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  • Price drop of offline access to SOL training material: From 1 January 2023, we are pleased to provide you with offline access to SOL course material for a nominal fee of €30 (€125) per training day. Please email [email protected] with your request for soft copy material. Read more

How to register?

Visit the course’s page here and enrol directly on the website or email [email protected] for group enrollments.

What’s more?

Existing customers are welcome to join the membership program – SOL Plus 

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