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AVSEC for Passenger and Baggage Reconciliation BRS SOLWe are delighted to share our latest training :

Aviation Security (AVSEC) Training for Passenger and Baggage Reconciliation (BRS)


About the training:

This training empowers attendees to proficiently perform passenger and baggage reconciliation processes, thereby enhancing the safety and security of passengers, crew, ground personnel, and the public. Additionally, it equips supervisors with the skills necessary to implement aviation security preventive measures related to passenger and baggage handling effectively. Participants will gain knowledge on the special categories of baggage transport, procedures for firearms transport, and the ability to interpret and apply protection requirements for air carrier materials used in passenger and baggage processing. Moreover, attendees will develop the ability to report and respond appropriately to security-related incidents. Meticulously designed for airport operators, ground handlers, and airline personnel responsible for passenger and baggage reconciliation, the course imparts specific knowledge and advanced techniques to fortify protection against unlawful interference in civil aviation. Read more

Course type: Presentation without voice-over
Duration: Equivalent to 2-day classroom training
Price: 125 EUR

What is the content of this training? 

1. Fundamentals of aviation security

2. Acts of unlawful interference in civil aviation, acts of terrorism and threats

3. Aviation security management system

4. Aviation security measures

5. Prohibited articles

6. Screening of Passengers and baggage

7. Passenger and baggage reconciliation

8. Reconciliation of crew baggage See the detailed content 

What are the learning objectives ?

Recognised the impact of previous acts of unlawful interference, terrorist acts and current threats in civil aviation.

• Awareness of the relevant legal requirements.

• Knowledge of the objectives and organization of aviation security.

• Awareness of access control and relevant screening procedures.

• Knowledge of airport identification cards used at the airport.

• Recognition of prohibited articles and ability to respond appropriately to their detection.

• Be able to interpret and apply passenger and baggage reconciliation requirements and techniques.

• Recognise suspicious behaviors of passengers or employee’s indicative of insider threat and more…

Soft Copy of the material

  • Special offer for Groups of 3 or more: If you have a minimum of 3 delegates registered together for a SOL online course, your nominated Course Leader / Administrator will be able to request a free-of-charge soft copy of the training material.
  • Price drop of offline access to SOL training material: From 1 January 2023, we are pleased to provide you with offline access to SOL course material for a nominal fee of €30 (€125) per training day. Please email [email protected] with your request for soft copy material. Read more

How to register?

Visit the course’s page here and enrol directly on the website or email [email protected] for group enrollments.

What’s more?

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