SofemaOnline offers online Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development training.

SofemaOnline is pleased to offer Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development training available as 3 separate modules and offered as a combined program consisting of the core subject areas – Building Competency, Leadership Skills and Communication & Assertiveness.

Leaders are aware of the potential impact of their decision good or bad and have the capacity to make what can be hard decisions moreover leaders know what they want to achieve and have the strength of character to pursue their objectives even in the face of opposition and often in spite of failures.

Leaders are able to demonstrate Integrity not to promise what cannot be delivered conversely to stand by their commitments. To demonstrate honesty and to set an example to their team both in their professional and their personal lives. To demonstrate a genuine attitude to trust and to seek to earn the trust of their team. To demonstrate dedication to the team and the task to work relentlessly to achieve the shared goals.

What are the benefits of Leadership Training?

a) Awareness of the differences between Management skills and Leadership Skills.

b) To understand the opportunities and challenges related to the Development of Leadership Skills.

c) Be able to explain the key elements required to ensure Leadership engagement with QMS & SMS.

d) Ability to focus on effective identification of root cause analysis.

e) Awareness of Effective Communication Techniques.

The program covers all the following areas in detail and includes a recommended program of videos which you can watch to support your learning process

Building Competency

Leadership Skills

Communication and Assertiveness

Building Competency

Considering how the process of both managing our own Competency as well managing and developing the competence in others can be developed.

Understanding how we can engage with the process of Interpersonal Effectiveness.

The Building Competence Course also considers Interpersonal and Holistic Communications as well as how we can develop our personal Interactive & motivational Skills.

The course also considers an effective process for managing problem solving and decision making techniques.

Leadership Skills

In this course we consider the definition and attributes of leadership as well as considering the differences between management skills and Leadership Skills.

The course considers the challenges Facing a Leader as well as the various leadership styles.

Other subjects covered in the training include team building, coaching & mentoring.

Finally, how to engage in an effective way with the need to manage conflict within a business and personal environment.

Communication and Assertiveness

The communication and assertiveness course look’s at the meaning of communication recognizing that the communication process is in fact a dynamic process and considers effective processes of engagement.

To consider in detail what makes a good Communicator the principles for Co Operative Communication as well as non verbal communication.

Recognizing the benefit of developing assertive behaviour skills the course covers the assertive behaviour learning process as well as using assertive techniques to deal with conflict.

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