Typical Abbreviations Related to Aviation Emergency Response Planning

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SofemaOnline (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com presents common abbreviations related to the development of an Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

AEP Airport Emergency Plan

AKA ‘also known as’

AOC Airline Operators’ Committee

AOC Air Operator’s Certificate

Crisis Response Command, Control, Co-ordination & Communication

CCC Crisis Communications (Media Response) Centre (generally located at Airline HQ)

CC Crisis Controllers (assist CD to manage and operate the accident airline’s CMC facility)

CD Crisis Director (the person charged with overall airline crisis C4 - at the highest level)

CIQ Customs, Immigration & Quarantine (Port Health is an alternative name for ‘quarantine’)

CMC Crisis Management Centre (highest level airline C4 facility - typically located at Airline HQ)

CLACC Controller - Local Accident Control Centre (Airline’s Station representative with local Command, Control, Co-ordination & Communication responsibility)

COS CMC Chief of Staff (a selected CC with additional responsibilities)

CPM - Crisis / Emergency (Response) Planning Manager

CRPM - Crisis Response Planning Manual

CRC (A) (Uninjured) Crew Reception Centre - Generally located ‘airside’ at the accident airport

CRC (L) (Uninjured) Crew Reception Centre - Generally a ‘landside’ facility (e.g. a hotel) at or near accident airport

CST Crash Site Team (Local Station Traffic / Ramp / Terminal Staff (1 person) + Aircraft Engineering Staff (1 person) deploying ASAP to local accident location)

CSU Crisis Support Unit

ECC Emergency (Telephone) Call / Contact /Information Centre

EOC Local Airport Authority’s / Airport Management Company’s Emergency Operations Centre

FAC Family, Relatives & Friends Assistance Centre alternative term ‘HAC’ (Humanitarian (Family) Assistance Centre)

FCC Field Control Centre

FEC Family, Relatives & Friends Enquiry Card

FR Family, Relatives & Friends (as associated is some ‘valid’ way with aircraft accident victims)

FRRC FR Reception Centre (typically located ‘landside’ - on or very close to accident airport)

GHA Ground Handling Agent/airline representative at airline Station locations (in general)

HAC Humanitarian (Family) Assistance Centre - typically located ‘landside’ in a hotel at/near to the accident airport. The HAC is located separately from CRC [L] and from SRC [L])

HAT (Accident airline’s) Humanitarian (Family) Assistance Team

HQ Headquarters

JFSOC Joint Family Support Operations Centre (usually co-located with HAC [FAC] - Term and concept typically used in the USA and a small number of other countries)

LACC Local Accident Control Centre (i.e. an airline Station’s crisis response facility) (contrast with ‘EOC’)

LGT Leader GO-Team (appointed CD or specially appointed & qualified CC - to act as a person in overall charge of airline GO Team)

LM CMC Log Manager

MGFR Meeters and Greeters of accident victims (including any FR)

NOK Next of Kin / Closest Relative

OCC Airline 24H Operations Control Centre - typically (but not always) located at airline HQ

ODM OCC – Operations Duty Manager

P/VRC Passenger / Victim Record Card (also used for crew & ground victims [if any for latter])

RA (A) Re-uniting Area - on the airport (used for shorter-term reuniting of uninjured accident victims with associated FR)

RA (O) Re-uniting Area - off-airport (used for shorter to medium term reuniting of uninjured accident victims with associated FR)

SOP Standard Operating Procedure

SRC (A) Uninjured Passenger (Survivor) Reception Centre - Typically located airside at accident airport (located separately from CRC [A])

SRC (L) Uninjured Passenger (Survivor) Reception Centre - Typically a landside facility (e.g. a hotel) at or near to accident airport (located separately from CRC [L])

To access additional support documents please visit SAS download area - https://sassofia.com/download-area/#airline-ops-emergency-response-program

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