EASA Part M CAMO Transition Training Package

2013 03 01 36» EASA Part CAMO Regulatory Training

» EASA Part M Differences 2020 – 2021

» Safety Management System (SMS) update for EASA Part CAMO

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This Special Package is specifically focused on the Needs of Part M CAMO Organisations, who are currently going through the transition from Part M Subpart G.

What’s in the Package?

The Part CAMO Transition Training Package offers outstanding value with the following 3 courses, each of which would take 1 day in the classroom being combined into a package of 3 courses

The program consists of 3 separate courses introducing the delegate to EASA Part CAMO as well as SMS for CAMO and additionally addressing the differences to EASA Part M introduced by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1383 and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/270.

This special package consists of the following:

» Part M Effective Mar 2020 - Consolidated Differences - For Large Aircraft with VO

» EASA Part CAMO Regulatory Obligations with VO

» EASA Part CAMO - SMS - Regulatory Obligations with VO

See the following link for package details - https://sofemaonline.com/lms/courses/275-easa-part-m-camo-transition-package/preview

Outstanding Value? - You Decide!

Whilst our Competitor is charging almost 2000 Euros for these courses our regular price is - 225 EUR. Sofema Online is pleased to offer a Special Price for the EASA Part M CAMO Transition Package = 145 EUR

How Does Sofema Online offer these prices for such highly specialized training

The simple answer is economy of scale – we currently have over 3000 persons active on our system and our license permits 10,000 concurrent users.

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Transition Background

EASA has now commenced a significant transition which will see the demise of Part M Subpart G by September 2021 at the latest.

Part M Subpart G will be replaced by Part CAMO.

EASA Part M is a core element of the Continuing Airworthiness Regulation (EU No 1321/2014) which establishes the regulation involving the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft, its parts and appliances as well as the organizations and personnel involved.

Part M is annex 1 to the regulation and Part CAMO is Annex Vc.

Links to a detailed overview of the training courses available here:

Part M Effective Mar 2020 - Consolidated Differences - For Large Aircraft with VO
EASA Part CAMO Regulatory Obligations with VO
EASA Part CAMO - SMS - Regulatory Obligations with VO

Next Steps

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