SMS Considerations Related to EASA Regulation 1178/2011 - ORA.GEN.200 Management system (amended by Regulation (EU) 2015/445)

word erp made with wood building blocksSofema Aviation Services (SAS) reviews the key elements of the Aircrew Training Management Regulations

Introduction - Organisation Responsibility

» Management System

o Lines of responsibility

o AM accountable for Safety

o Safety Policy

o Ability to Identify Safety Hazards Evaluate & Mitigate Risk

o Manage Competence

o Documentation of key process - communication regarding responsibility

o Monitor Compliance of the organization with the relevant requirements. Compliance monitoring shall include a feedback system of findings to the accountable manager to ensure effective implementation of corrective actions as necessary; and

o Plus any additional requirement specified

o Correspond to size, nature & complexity

» Regarding Organisations providing training for LAPL, PPL, SPL, or BPL (Plus ratings & certificates)

o Safety risk management and compliance monitoring may be accomplished by an annual organizational review

o The competent authority shall be notified (In a timely Manner) concerning review results.

Non-Complex Organisation - General - AMC1 ORA.GEN.200 (ED Decision 2012/007/R)

» Safety risk management - simplified & integrated checklists

» Manage safety risks related to a change. Documented & use HAZID Risk Assess & Mitigation

» SM Required - Maybe the AM

» Hazard identification, risk assessment, and mitigation responsibilities

» Safety Policy

o Commitment to improving towards the highest safety standards,

o Comply with all requirements & standards,

o Best practices and provide appropriate resources.

» The organization should, in cooperation with other stakeholders, develop, coordinate and maintain

o an emergency response plan (ERP)

o Safe transition from normal to emergency to normal

o Actions to be taken by the organization & individuals

o Reflect the size, nature, and complexity

Complex Organisation AMC1 ORA.GEN.200(a) (ED Decision 2012/007/R)

» Safety manager and Safety Review Board (SRB) in structure.

» Safety manager

o Safety Focal

o Development

o Admin

o Ongoing Development & Maintenance

§ Facilitate hazard identification, risk analysis, and management;

§ Monitor the implementation of mitigations actions

§ Periodic reports on safety performance

§ Manage Documentation

§ Ensure Training Availability - Meets Standards

§ Provide advice on safety matters

§ Manage follow-up of internal occurrence/accident investigations.

Safety Policy

» Intention to maintain and, improve safety levels

» Minimise its contribution to the risk of an aircraft accident

» Should state that the purpose of safety reporting and internal investigations is to improve safety, not to apportion blame to individuals.

Safety Review Board (SRB)

» Hi-Level - Strategic

» AM Chair

» Monitor

o Safety Performance

o Mitigation

o Effectiveness

o Resources

Note - SM attendance is optional to the SRB

Safety Manager (ED Decision 2012/007/R)

» Manpower support as appropriate

» SM is Focal

Safety Action Group (ED Decision 2012/007/R)

» Standing Group or Ad Hoc

» Multiple SAG possible

» Reports to & Guidance from SRB

o Monitor operational safety;

o Resolve identified risks;

o Assess the impact on the safety of operational changes; and

o Ensure Actions Implemented

o Review Effectiveness

The safety policy should:

» Be endorsed by the accountable manager;

» Reflect organizational commitments - proactive and systematic,

» Communicated, with visible endorsement, throughout the organization and

» Include safety reporting principles.

» Include a commitment:

o To improve towards the highest safety standards;

o To comply with all applicable legislation,

o Meet all applicable standards and consider best practices;

o To provide appropriate resources;

o To enforce safety as one primary responsibility of all managers; and

o Not to blame someone for reporting something which would not have been otherwise detected.

Senior management should:

» Continually promote safety policy & demonstrate commitment;

o Provide necessary human and financial resources for its implementation; and

o Establish safety objectives and performance standards.

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