Introducing SofemaOnline Learning Diploma

2013 02 27 19This explainer is provided by SofemaOnline (SOL)

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What is the purpose of Gaining a Sofema Online Learning Diploma?

Quite simply it is to enable you to grow EASA Regulatory & Vocational Competence. After the enrolment and feedback from several 000’s of our students, we understood that there is a strong desire across the industry to gain specific knowledge that will support our clients' learning path both personally and within their workplace job role.

Sofema Online Learning Diploma Development

The development of the Sofema Online Learning Diploma became a natural progression of the existing online training service provided by SOL with the goal of supporting our many clients to complete multiple Sofema Online Courses in the most cost-effective way as part of their Knowledge Building & Career Development.

Did you know?

» The Sofema Online Learning Diploma cost is up to 25 times cheaper than attending classroom training with several of our competitors!

About our Portfolio

With over 220 courses available on Sofema Online (SOL) we looked for ways which would support the learning development of our clients and by Packaging together typically more than 10 relevant courses and applying an additional substantial discount we have developed a learning solution that is efficient and effective to provide flexibility to our clients learning objectives

Available in Your Career Discipline Now!

» Sofema Online Learning Diplomas provide a training curriculum that has been carefully selected to support your learning path development in the most effective and optimum way.

» Grow your Competence with Sofema Online Learning Diploma

» Demonstrates your high level of knowledge across multiple subject areas within a core business unit.

» The Sofema Online Learning Diploma is the perfect way to demonstrate to your employer or future employer that you have achieved a basic understanding of the subject matter across a range of related topics.

Tell me about the Certificate of Distinction?

It is important to acknowledge the increasing number of delegates who are enrolling for the Sofema Online Diploma Program and producing outstanding results.

» With effect from Jan 2021 any delegate passing the Learning Path Courses in the Requested Subject with more than 80% pass across 90% of the allocated courses, will be identified as awarded a “Certificate of Distinction”.

Sofema Online Learning Diploma Key Feature Summary

» The perfect way to demonstrate to your current or future employer that you have achieved a basic understanding of the subject matter across a range of related topics.

» Demonstrate your Regulatory Knowledge across a wide range of related subjects

» Build competence in your chosen area

» Ideal Preparation for Career advancement

» Print multiple course completion certificates online

» Receive Your Hard Copy Diploma (Or Diploma with Distinction) worldwide on completion

» Enjoy a substantial discount for the many courses undertaken

Next Steps

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