Sofema Online Black Week is officially here!

Publication copy 1024x505Black Week has arrived at – Enjoy our all-around training opportunity:

Freedom Pass for the exclusive price of €999 (€1275)

Valid from 26.11.2021 to 03.12.2021

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What is Freedom Pass?

The Freedom Pass provides unlimited access to all of Sofema Online’s training options available in its portfolio without limitations. You can register and complete as many courses as you like for a period of 12 months. Learn at your own pace & Boost your competence at a cost-effective price – See the full A to Z training list with over 220 aviation Courses, Packages & Diplomas

A certificate is issued upon completion of every course & a Hard Copy Diploma is available for all of the EASA Compliant Learning Path Diploma programs.

Why choose Freedom Pass?

✓ Preparation for Career Advancement

✓ Choose any number of training you like

✓ Professional support during the learning process

✓ Value for Money – provides access to training which cost several 000’s of Euro

✓ Up-to-date training material, prepared in accordance with the latest requirements

✓ Constantly growing training portfolio

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What do SOL customers say about the training platform?

I.U., September 2021:
“The experience was quite wholesome. The best feature for me was the VO courses. Whoever is behind those explanations always does a very good job.”

D.M, July 2021:
“Overall the course was very informative and the framework of the material was very well presented. The program was a great experience, and very well organized, a big thank you to the Sofema Team and the Instructors.”

B.B., May 2021:
“Overall training was very good, I could do the training at my own timing since I am busy with work. I can say that I have gained good knowledge in the field of quality auditing.”

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How to obtain the Freedom Pass at the special price of €999?

Send an email to until 03.12.2021

Don’t miss out – Get your Freedom Pass today!