In-Depth Quality Assurance / Compliance Auditing Full Training available online

In Depth EASA Quality Assurance Compliance Auditing Full Training is available for registration by Sofema OnlinePresented as Essential Training for EASA Compliant Quality Auditors, EASA Aviation Compliance Auditor Intensive Online Training Program is delivered as a Special Package of 5 Separate Online Courses for 255 EUR (normal price: 387.50 EUR).


Containing more than 50 separate Modules this online training is equivalent to 5 days of classroom training. The Program is divided into 5 separate training courses each one with its own examination – by completing all 5 courses the delegate qualifies for an additional Hard Copy Certificate Mailed Worldwide.

Course Subjects covered include the following:

Day 1: Part 1 EASA Regulatory and Compliance Introduction & Airworthiness Standards

General Introduction

  • » EASA Regulatory Frame Work Review
  • » Principles of EASA Management Systems in support of Regulatory Compliance
  • » Requirements Related to an Operations (Reg 965), Quality System
  • » Requirements related to an EASA Part 145, Quality System
  • » Requirements related to an EASA Part M, Quality System
  • » Airworthiness Principles

Day 2: Part 2 Compliance Auditing – Best Practice and Advanced Auditing Techniques

  • » QMS & SMS Relationship Challenges and Misconceptions
  • » Compliance Monitoring Principles and Practice
  • » Compliance Auditing Process Review
  • » Maintaining Objectivity/ Sample Size / Value of Finding / Raised / Operator’s Authority on Area of Audits
  • » Review of Best Practice Audit Techniques
  • » How to obtain the information you are looking for?
  • » Considering a Baseline Expectation Regarding EASA Compliant Audit Process Management
  • » Advanced Quality Auditing Techniques
  • » Delivering Performance Audits
  • » How do we Identify and Measure our Internal Quality Standards?
  • » The Impact of Safety Culture on Performance Audits

Day 3: Part 3 Quality Assurance, Competence Responsibilities Communication & Challenges

  • » Quality and Safety Auditor Competence
  • » Consider the Competences of a Lead Auditor
  • » Accountable Manager and Post Holder Responsibilities and Relationships
  • » Developing your Interview Skills Best Practice
  • » Effective Audit Communication
  • » Quality Auditing of Safety Management Systems
  • » Effective Audit Communication
  • » Measuring the Effectiveness of the Organisation’s QC Management
  • » Dealing with Specific Challenges within your Quality System
  • » The Role of EASA QA in Developing Aviation QC Procedures
  • » Compliance Management Manuals, and Procedures
  • » Understanding the Psychology of an Aviation Auditee

Day 4: Part 4 Risk, Root Cause, Investigation & Analysis

  • » Understanding the Nature of Risk, Root Cause Management
  • » Practical Understanding of The Role of Root Cause
  • » Identification of Root Cause
  • » Root Cause Understanding the Different Roles Between Quality & Safety
  • » Using Root Cause Analysis to Drive an Effective Quality System
  • » Managing Root Cause Processes including Analysis
  • » Collection of Evidence – How Much is Too Much?
  • » Additional Practical Techniques for Determining Root Cause
  • » Investigation and Analysis Risk and Exposure
  • » Performing and Managing Investigations
  • » Human Factors Considerations Related to Root Cause

Day 5: Part 5 Delivering a Best Practice Quality Assurance System

  • » Creating an Audit Schedule
  • » Auditing for Process Effectiveness
  • » How do we identify and measure our Internal Quality Standards?
  • » Audit Checklists Management, Development and Validation, Use of Checklists during the Audit
  • » What Takes Place during a Quality Review?
  • » Auditing Change Management across the Business
  • » Effective Report Writing
  • » Creating Corrective Actions
  • » Accidents and Incidents the link to Safety and Human Factors
  • » Dealing with Situations Arising During the Audit / Communication
  • » Managing Meetings to Open and Close the Audit
  • » Measuring the Effectiveness of the Quality Assurance System
  • » Management Evaluation How to ensure effectiveness considering the role of the Quality Assurance Function

The Normal Price for the 5 courses, when undertaken individually, is 387.50 EUR

Take them as a package for the special price of 255 EUR / Delegate

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