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B.A., February 2022 – CAMO Learning Path Diploma
“It was a joyful experience, I enjoyed the information provided and the relevancy to my career and goals out of this Diploma. I did indeed recommend it to several people, and also our civil authority employees for them to register for this course and gain the knowledge.”

H.M., January 2022 – Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (Recurrent) with VO
“Generally well done. Much better product than other service providers I´ve used in past. The narrator had very good real-life examples and background information regarding accidents, which were used as examples.”

N.M., January 2022 – Quality & Safety for EASA Compliant Operations Staff Learning Path Diploma
“For anyone thinking of looking into using Sofema for courses, I would highly recommend them to anyone. All courses are very well laid out, informative, and easy to follow. Exams are difficult enough (as you would expect) but if the hard work is put in through the courses, then you will get the results you want.”

About Sofema Online

SOL is a web-based online training platform focused on delivering high quality online regulatory and vocational courses in the field of aviation, compliant within the scope of EASA, FAA, and other regulatory environments, together with additional competence building courses to provide for vocational training within the scope of the applicable regulatory environment.

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