Steven Bentley, CEO of SAS, answers questions about the SOL Freedom Pass

sofema team 2 SOLWe are discussing with Steve Bentley the questions which are being asked by many clients looking to grow their regulatory knowledge and competence by using the Sofema Online Training Platform

What is the Freedom Pass?

It is our special program whereby we allow our clients to undertake as many of our online training courses (including Diplomas) that they would like to complete – making significant cost savings possible – you can read all about the Freedom Pass Here

How many courses can I complete?

It is entirely up to you, with the Freedom Pass you have a full 12 months of access – typically our clients take more than 20 courses and several have taken over 40 courses.

I see that the Freedom Pass is available for 999 Euro, why is this?

Thank you for the opportunity to respond – the normal price for the Freedom Pass is 1375 Euro – however, we wanted to give our regular clients the opportunity to benefit from a package of training that can help significantly with their learning path development. This special offer runs until the end of April and due to mountain inflation pressures, this is an unrepeatable offer.

How can you provide access so cheaply – I see that you offer packages of courses which are a fraction of the cost of other providers?

This is a very good question and one which we are often asked – we quote “The Ryanair Effect” in our answer – For example, since the beginning of 2022 we have enrolled almost 7000 Delegates in our online training. It is this economy of scale which lets us offer such competitive prices. Historically we had a license limitation as to how many concurrent users can be active on our platform – this has now been lifted and we can have an unlimited number of users active – in fact, many thousands are currently active and working through the courses. So the short answer is that through economy of scale we have built and continue to develop an outstanding regulatory compliant and vocational training product.

What do your customers say about your online training?

We receive constant feedback, and we are pleased to say over 97% is very positive:

>> CAMO Learning Path Diploma – “It was a joyful experience, I enjoyed the information provided and the relevance to my career and goals out of this Diploma. I did indeed recommend it to several people, and also our civil authority employees for them to register for this course and gain the knowledge.” (B.A., Feb 2022)

>> Quality & Safety for EASA Compliant Operations Staff Learning Path Diploma “For anyone thinking of looking into using Sofema for courses, I would highly recommend them to anyone. All courses are very well laid out, informative, and easy to follow. Exams are difficult enough (as you would expect) but if the hard work is put in through the courses, then you will get the results you want.” (N.M., January 2022)

What are my Next Steps?

Well if you wish to take advantage of the Freedom Pass for outstanding savings and access to a huge portfolio of regulatory training and vocational courses please email and Hurry – this offer expires at the end of April and the Freedom Pas will revert to 1375 Euro (Which is still an outstanding offer!)