Sofema Online Announces Growth on Target to Reach 30% More Users In 2022

Sofema Online Announces Growth on Target to Reach 30 More Users In 2022 solSofema Online is aiming high in 2022 – This year we are looking to enroll over 23,500 delegates to meet our growth plans.

Throughout 2021 Sofema Online (SOL)

enrolled an average of 1450 Delegates each month for a total of 17500 enrollments. Whilst this was an outstanding effort and one for which we were very pleased. We have set ourselves the challenge of a 30% growth during 2022.

So How Are We Doing?

Well for January 2022 we enrolled 1650 / in February 2022 we enrolled 2065 and during the month of March 2022, we are very pleased to have enrolled 2350 delegates on our online platform.

This is only the first quarter of 2022 however we believe with the growth of available courses, (currently numbering 250 courses packages and diploma programs) plus the developing corporate interest to use our platform as a means to provide EASA effective regulatory compliant and vocational, we have an excellent chance of meeting our objective.

Not Sitting on our Laurels!

Comment from Steve Bentley, CEO of Sofema: “We firmly believe our customers are incredibly important to us and it is for this reason we focus specifically on listening and working to develop course material which specifically meets our customer objectives.

  • » We continue to develop online training material which provides a practical and meaningful connection to workplace roles – for example, our Maintenance Control & Practical Crises Management Package – Check it out here
  • » We have extended our Learning Management Licence to enable an unlimited number of users (previously – we were limited to 10,000 concurrent users on our platform)
  • » We have extended the Enrollment period and now you can spend up to 9 months working on a single training, at your own pace in your own time.”

What do Sofema Online users say about the learning experience which SOL provides?

  • » CAMO Learning Path Diploma (“BA” Feb 2022):
    “It was a joyful experience; I enjoyed the information provided and the relevancy to my career and goals out of this Diploma. I did indeed recommend it to several people, and also our civil authority employees for them to register for this course and gain the knowledge.”
  • » Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (Recurrent) with VO (“HM” Jan 2022):
    “Generally well done. Much better product than other service providers I´ve used in past. The narrator had very good real-life examples and background information regarding accidents, which were used as examples.” 

Next Steps

Please see our A to Z of available courses or visit our website If you have any questions or need support, email us at