Aviation Regulatory Training Re-Imagined: Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass

Aviation Regulatory Training Re ImaginedMulti User Corporate Access to EASA Regulatory Training

Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com presents a different way of providing competence building & regulatory compliant training for your entire workforce.

Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass

Re-imagined How?

By bringing the cost down to a level which enables more than 250 Individual courses, packages & diplomas to be accessed for around 6 Euros / Training Day.

Thanks to our Economy of Scale of Operations (Sofema is currently enrolling 2000 plus delegates each month) we have the flexibility to develop interesting offers and innovative training products.

Your entire team has a full year to attend any of the courses on the Sofema Online Platform - Please see a list of available courses here 

» Here is an opportunity to meet the unique professional development goals of each member of your team.

» Access the training you need, when you need it, by selecting enrolling in the Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass Program with 5, 10, or 25 Consecutive licenses.

» With the Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass any member of your team can be assigned to the training courses of choice whether it is to comply with recurrent obligations or to enable the development of vocational competence throughout the organisation.

» By obtaining a Sofema Online Corporate Freedom pass you have an opportunity to manage and control training costs for a full year.

Choose your Corporate Freedom Pass

» CFP 5 allows for 5 concurrent users and is ideal for CAMO’s and Smaller 145 Organisations with Approximately 1200 Online Training Days Available.

» CFP 10 allows for 10 concurrent users and is ideal for Larger CAMO’s and Medium 145 Organisations with Approximately 2400 Online Training Days Available.

» CFP 25 allows for 25 concurrent users and is ideal for Larger 145 Organisations with Approximately 6000 Online Training Days Available.

How Sofema Online Supports the Corporate Freedom Pass

» We want you to benefit from the maximum use of the CFP so we ask you to nominate your program manager who will both manage your training Program and communicate enrollments with the Sofema Online Admin Team.

» Enrollments will normally be completed no later than 24 hours following the request using the provided enrollment form. Typically requests during the AM period will be completed the same day and requests during PM period will be completed at the start of business during the following workday.

» We encourage our clients to manage the available concurrent training slots in an efficient and effective way so that they will receive the maximum benefit.

Next Steps

Want to find out more? – For any questions or additional details, please email [email protected]