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Sofema Online provides an online solution to support you on your way to becoming an approved Leader in the aviation field:

Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma

Who is the Diploma suitable for?

The Program is appropriate for Certified staff in Aviation Maintenance & Operations and anyone with a fundamental need to develop Aviation Leadership and Management Skills.

Which courses are included in the Diploma?

The Leadership Diploma contains 16 separate online courses:

  • » Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Leadership Skills
  • » Aviation Leadership – Body Language for Executives
  • » Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Building Competency
  • » Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Communication and Assertiveness
  • » Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Public Speaking
  • » Delivering an Effective Mentoring Program in Aviation Operations & Maintenance & Leadership
  • » Aviation Leadership – Developing Positive Interview Skills
  • » Aviation Leadership – Developing Teams
  • » EASA AM & Nominated Person 6 Sigma Awareness
  • » Aviation Leadership – Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • » Performance Coaching in Aviation Operations & Maintenance
  • » Aviation Leadership – Measuring Aviation Training – Return on Investment (ROI)
  • » Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Core Principles of Operational Excellence
  • » Aviation Leadership – Introduction to Marketing
  • » Aviation Leadership – Negotiating Skills
  • » Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – The Art of Strategic Persuasion

Each one of the courses is certificated and upon completion of all of them, you will be eligible to receive a Hard Copy Diploma.
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What responsibilities will you have as Accountable Executives, Senior Managers & Post Holders (Nominated Persons)?

Accountable Executives – Main Responsibilities:

  • » Ensuring that all activities can be financed and carried out in accordance with the applicable requirements
  • » Be responsible for all establishing and maintaining an effective management system
  • » Be the ultimate responsible person for Quality System and Safety System

Senior Managers – Main Responsibilities:

  • » Oversee a team of employees and be responsible for making sure that everyone is doing their job correctly
  • » Developing new strategies or initiatives to help grow the company

Post Holders (Nominated Persons) – Main Responsibilities:

  • » Ensuring that the operator remains in compliance with the applicable requirements. Such person(s) shall be ultimately responsible to the Accountable Manager
  • » Should be expected to possess the experience and meet the qualification provisions according to the regulations
  • Must be approved by Authorities

How to sign up for the Leadership Diploma?

You can register at the DIploma page here or contact [email protected] for further details or group enrollments.

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