Considering the Services Offered by Sofema Online to our Corporate Clients

Considering the Services Offered by Sofema Online to our Corporate Clients

Sofema Online (SOL) takes a deep dive to look at how we engage with our business clients, what is on offer, and how you can benefit from our “Multiple” Business to Business (B2B) Products.

Introducing The Following Products

» Privileged Training Partner (PTP)
» Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP)
» Monthly Corporate Payment Option (MCP)
» Tailored Training Solutions (TTS)

Privileged Training Partner (PTP)

PTP is our corporate everyday discount program, providing outstanding discounts for both our corporate clients as well as employees who wish to take additional vocational training to boost career opportunities.

Become a member of our Privileged Training Partner (PTP) Program and enhance your employees’ training development and career growth.

» All of our partners will receive unique access to the Sofema Online E-learning platform with the opportunity to assign a Corporate User Account to a training administrator with access to all trainees’ profiles.

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Summary of Benefits – Employer:

» Immediate 20% Discount (Minimum) for all Sofema Online Courses
» 10% Discount on Packages & Diplomas
» Accelerated Loading of Material (at our cost to support your training program)
» Account Manager to ensure preferential client support

Summary of Benefits – Employee:

» As applicable Employer PTP discounts for courses, packages & diplomas.
» Special price of the Sofema Online Freedom Pass Package which includes all courses on Sofemaonline available for 1 year at a price of 1099 Euro instead of 1375 Euro.
» Individual Freedom Pass Available with 2 Payments for Staff of PTP Clients (2 Payments of 600 Euro), the first payment is due before commencement of the freedom pass package and the second payment is due after 60 Days of the enrollment.

Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP)

Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass is a process whereby our clients can enable access to over 300 Regulatory Compliant & Vocational courses to every one of their employees at an unbeatable cost.

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Summary of Benefits  Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP)

» Provides Access for your entire workforce to a portfolio of online training courses which would normally Cost Several 000’s Euros
» You are able to nominate a group of staff to attend a training and when complete to nominate the next group and continue in this way throughout the year of membership
» Sofema Online training opportunity is open to every employee within your organisation
» With more than 300 Courses available you can manage your training program with support from Sofema for maximum utilization and cost-saving for your organisation

Monthly Corporate Payment Option (MCP)

We call this product our “client account” - choose now & pay later option. It is available for PTP clients of SOL we are pleased to offer the opportunity to create an SOL Corporate User Account. Offers immediate enrollment for a single monthly invoice.

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» Immediately enroll your team in any Sofema Online course against a single invoice submitted once each month.
» As an added advantage because of the number of enrollments you can benefit from additional discounts accumulated because of the multiple enrollments within the given month.

Summary of Benefits  SOL Corporate User Account

First but not limited to - Enrollment freedom. It means you can enroll team members whenever it is convenient and without worrying about making the payment in advance. The other features include:

» SOL Corporate User Account is open to all SAS – PTP members
» All users receive a 20% discount from a single course (10% from Packages & Diplomas)
» Monthly Invoices issued with 30 Days to pay
» Free Soft copy with 3 Cumulative Enrollments for any course
» Your Company Account Manager has admin access to view the training status of your team
» A monthly status report and Invoice issued at the end of each month

Training Platform Hosting Service (Tailored Training Solutions) “TTS”

Sofema Aviation Services offers the opportunity to host your in-company training for delivery only to your company’s own staff. (Your own material to be delivered to your own staff only).

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Summary of SOL Benefits 

» An opportunity for all your employees to build competence in the workplace
» Satisfy all your regulatory initial and recurrent obligations
» SOL Training Courses have been developed by Industry Professionals with more than 40 years of Commercial Aviation experience across a range of disciplines
» SOL Courses are Engaging & Interactive
» All delegates shall receive Sofema Online Certificate on completion of the Course Examination

Next Steps

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