What Business Feature Most Appealed to Sofema Online Business Clients in 2022?

What Business Feature Most Appealed to Sofema Online Business Clients in 2022Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com provides business-to-business feedback!

Commented Steve Bentley FRAeS, CEO of Sofema Aviation Services: “After asking a number of clients which one feature they found most useful in 2022, we understood that without question it was the ability of our corporate clients to sign up delegates for online training with Sofema Online for immediate enrollment and to receive a single invoice at the end of the month.”

This feature has a double benefit because not only it eases the administrative burden for both Sofema and our client but it also produces greater discounts for the client (discounts of course increase with the number of enrollments).

How can my organisation benefit from “Client Account - Choose Now - Pay Later”?

This option is open to all members of the Sofema “Privilege Training Partner” program (PTP).

Please see here for additional details.

How to become a member of the Sofema PTP program?

Follow this link to find out.

If you already are a PTP client and you would like to apply for “Client Account - Choose Now - Pay Later” please email team@sassofia.com

About Sofema Online

Sofema Online platform is an extremely cost-effective method for delivering niche regulatory courses, typical of the training which is offered by Sofema Aviation Services. Major benefits include convenience and flexibility, availability, ease of use through any internet-connected computer, and the ability of the student to learn at their own pace without any limitations.

A fundamental requirement for online training is to ensure that it provides the essential content which is focused on a deep understanding of the subject matter. At www.sofemaonline.com we ensure that behind each training is a practical knowledgeable tutor.

During the period 2021-2022, we have enrolled over 35,000 delegates and will be pleased to welcome you as a new client whether corporate or individual.

Please visit www.sofemaonline.com for details of all our corporate products. For additional questions or comments please email team@sassofia.com