Meeting the Challenge of EASA Compliant Regulatory Training for the Entire Workforce with Corporate Freedom Pass

Meeting the Challenge of EASA Compliant Regulatory Training for the Entire Workforce with Corporate Freedom PassHow to secure EASA compliant regulatory training for your entire workforce?

Sofema Online has the answer: Corporate Freedom Pass

Is this your organisation?

We want a cost-effective solution to provide a broad range of regulatory compliant and vocational training for our entire workforce.

We want a training partner who is willing to engage with us and support the ongoing development of courses to meet regulatory and operational objectives.

Sofema Online provides the perfect solution - Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP):

  • » Over 300 EASA Regulatory Compliant Courses, Packages, and Diplomas available
  • » Budget with a monthly payment facility
  • » Training is provided with our flexible Joomla Learning Management Solution (LMS)
  • » Many courses with Subject Matter Expert Voice Over (SME-VO)
  • » Our most Popular Product - CFP 10 allows for 10 concurrent users and is ideal for Larger Operators, CAMO’s and Medium 145 Organisations with Approximately 2400 Online Training Days Available.

Why Corporate Freedom Pass?

Because it provides organisational freedom to enable you to manage your mandatory and competence-building training in an efficient and effective way.

Key Corporate Freedom Pass Features:

  • » Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass Provides Access for your entire workforce to a portfolio of online training courses which would normally Cost Several 000’s Euro.
  • » You are able to nominate a group of staff to attend a training and when complete to nominate the next group and continue in this way throughout the year of membership.
  • » Sofema Online training opportunity is open to every employee within your organisation.
  • » With more than 300 courses available you can manage your training program with support from Sofema for maximum utilization and cost-saving for your organisation.

I am interested but not familiar with the Sofema Online Product?

No problem, please email and request a free-of-charge guest enrollment to check out our product without obligation.

We are proud to share that our customer base grew 40% during 2022 and continues to grow achieved 24,000 Enrollments during 2022

Additionally, we look forward to welcoming you to our growing partnership network - Privileged Training Partner (PTP),  See here for a list of our current PTPs or email us at