Aircraft General Familiarisation Courses are available for Airbus - Request your training at [email protected]

Aircraft General Familiarisation Courses are available for Airbus solSofema Online (SOL) is delighted to share the availability of

Airbus General Familiarisation Courses

The online self-study General Familiarisation (Gen Fam) training courses provide an excellent solution to training engineers or company support staff to A license standard, giving the required in-depth aircraft type knowledge with the advantage of distance learning. 

They cover all mechanical and avionics systems, with a quiz at the end of each ATA chapter. On successful completion, you will be able to download your serial-numbered certificate.

The General Familiarisation courses meet EASA’s knowledge LEVEL 1 definition as contained in Regulation EU No. 1321/2014 ANNEX III, Part 66, Appendix I Basic Knowledge Requirements and ATA 104 Level 1 requirements:

‘A familiarisation with the principal elements of the subject, with the objective;

(a) The applicant should be familiar with the basic elements of the subject.

(b) The applicant should be able to give a simple description of the whole subject, using common words and examples.

(c) The applicant should be able to use typical terms.

Airbus General Familiarisation Courses Available:

» Airbus A220 General Familiarisation
» Airbus A320 CEO Series General Familiarisation with All Engines
» Airbus A320 NEO Series Leap-1A & PW1100 General Familiarisation
» Airbus A330 CEO General Familiarisation RR Trent, CF6 & PW4000
» Airbus A340 General Familiarisation CFM56 & RR Trent
» Airbus A350 General Familiarisation
» Airbus A380 General Familiarisation RR Trent

How to register for Airbus training courses?

Contact [email protected] to receive further information and to Sign up for your preferred training!