NEW: Fatigue Risk Management Systems

NEW: Fatigue Risk Management Systems Essentials

SofemaOnline is pleased to announce the availability of our latest online training - Fatigue Risk Management Systems Essentials for only 77.50 USD per delegate

We understand that Fatigue in the workplace has the potential to impact safety, productivity and efficiency.

The goal of our Fatigue Risk Management is to construct layers of protection around our employees using a comprehensive toolbox of FRMS tools, which will facilitate the visibility and allow us to mitigate and manage fatigue related exposures to improve operations.

Fatigue is often an insidious and invisible ever present threat leading to unwelcome distractions or worse. Do our managers and supervisors have sufficient knowledge and the awareness of any potential exposures related to fatigue and how they impact performance.

The following elements should be visible within our FRMS implementation strategy:

- Full Engagement
- Detailed Assessment of status
- Definition of the FRMS
- Development of the Framework
- Implementation of the system elements and go live
- Validation and ongoing assessment

Our Fatigue Management efforts should be focused through the employment of a practical and effective system, which is able to identify our risks and exposures and to predicts, measures and mitigates fatigue and distraction risks.

To implement our Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) we need to communicate and educate all levels of our organization regarding the causes of fatigue, how fatigue risk impacts operations and the methods and technologies available to mitigate risk:

Step 1 to assess your organization’s current fatigue risk envelope.

Step 2 Assess existing FRM systems, policies, and procedures that currently mitigate fatigue risk and integrate them in to our existing SMS Framework.

Step 3 Build a FRMS that includes comprehensive documentation training and process controls including detailed understanding of roles and responsibilities, communication and Fatigue Risk recognition strategies.

Step 4 Establish a continuous process to measure the effectiveness and the operational impact of our FRMS in order to track and maintain the positive impact on workforce health, safety and operational costs.


Terminology & Abbreviations
FRMS – How to Assess your Organisations Status
Introduction to the Concept of Fatigue Risk Management Systems
Regulatory Drivers for FRMS
Considering the Challenge of Developing an Open & Effective Reporting Culture
Considering the Steps to Implement an Effective FRMS within your Organisation 
Integrating FRMS within an SMS 
FRMS Systematic Management 
FRMS Documentation 
FRMS Training

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