Part M Effective Mar 2020 - Consolidated Differences - For Large Aircraft

Part M Effective Mar 2020 Consolidated Differences For Large AircraftThe primary purpose of this training is to provide an in-depth review of the changes affecting Part M for Large Aircraft introduced by Commission Implementing Regulations (EU) 2020/270, (EU) 2019/1384.

Please Note - This Training has been redacted to focus on the specific differences between Part M and Part M (2020). Be able to use the regulation to proactively manage the Continuing Airworthiness (CA) of your aircraft.

This redacted training is not appropriate for persons who have limited or no prior Part M experience

It is recommended that persons with limited experience should complete the 2-day version of Part M 2020.


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Who is the Course for?

Post holders CAMO & Maintenance, Quality Managers and Auditors, Technical & Planning CAMO staff and other interested stakeholders who have a need for Continuing Airworthiness Management knowledge. It will also be of benefit to legal representatives who need to have an effective understanding as well as to serve as a refresher to any Operators and Maintenance Organisations.

What is the Benefit of this Training - What will I learn?

a) Achieve a solid understanding of EASA Part M – 2020 Requirements related to the Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO)
b) Be able to demonstrate Part M Functionality and to avoid or mitigate problems
c) Be able to use the regulation to proactively manage the Continuing Airworthiness (CA) of your aircraft
d) Provides an Opportunity to consider the changes in relation to the roles and responsibilities within the various CAMO groups including Reliability, Technical Records, Engineering, & Maintenance Planning


General Introduction
Basic Introduction to EASA Regulations and Part M plus Subparts
Contract & Subcontract Management
Subpart B - Accountability M.A.201 Responsibilities M.A.202 Occurrence reporting
Subpart C - Continuing Airworthiness M.A.301 Continuing Airworthiness Tasks Considerations Related to Maintenance Check Flights
M.A.302 Aircraft Maintenance Programme
M.A.303 Airworthiness Directives 
M.A.304 Data for Modifications and Repairs 
M.A.305 Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Record System 
M.A.306 Aircraft Technical Log System 
M.A.307 Transfer of Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Records
Subpart G - Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Overview of Subpart G CAMO Organisation Requirements and Responsibilities
Subpart H - Certificate of Release to Service
Subpart I - Airworthiness Review Introduction

Learning Objectives

The course considers the requirements of EASA Part M post 24 March 2020 implemented changes and transitional arrangements.
Providing delegates with an overview of Part M 2020 Changes and how to avoid potential problems.
The course will also provide a thorough review of the specific areas of Part M which have been updated.

About this course

Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to one-day classroom training
Category: Part M
Price: 72.50 EUR


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