Part 145 Stores Tooling Control, Inspection Procedures & Best Practice

Part 145 07

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Ensuring the integrity of tooling & equipment used for measuring is of critical importance, particularly within the aviation industry.

We should all understand that the cost of failure is high within our Industry and take all measures to ensure effective oversight and control.

Maintaining an effective calibration programme is not only a mandatory requirement; it should be embedded in the organisations' procedures. Appropriate awareness of the calibration program should be fully documented and understood throughout the organisation’s technical personnel.

This 1-day training is designed to provide attendees with:

• A detailed practical understanding of the requirements to Manage and Develop an Aviation Tooling Store.
• To provide a regulatory and industry perspective for staff involved in Tooling Management and Control
• To develop the attendees' understanding of airworthiness, including the importance of managing FOD and ESDS.
• To Gain Familiarity with tooling and Calibration Procedures.


It is for anyone with an interest who needs a detailed awareness of EASA Part 145 Stores Tooling & Calibration Control as well as Inspection Management and Inspection Procedures.


This training is designed to cover all elements which are essential to the effective management and operation of a fully compliant tool store.

a) Understand the processes which drive effective management of a Part 145 Compliant Tool Store.
b) Understand the process of managing documentation related to airworthiness and tooling and calibration control.
c) Understand the principles of Electrostatic Inspection.
d) Have confidence in full compliance within the supply chain and the ability to perceive opportunity to improve and develop the Tooling Store.


Abbreviations & Terms
EASA Part 145 Tooling Store Introduction
Introduction to Aircraft General Tooling
Considerations Related to Part 145 Aviation Tooling Control
Annual & Periodic Tooling Inspection
Stores Tooling & Equipment Issue and Return Inspection Requirements
Tooling Calibration Management & Control Process
Introduction to Foreign Object Debris (FOD) - Foreign Object Damage
Introduction & Awareness Electrostatic Sensitive Discharge
Best Practice House Keeping, Cleanliness and Safety
The Use & Control of Alternate Tooling


The course is designed for Personnel who are required to manage, or operate within a Tool Store including Calibration Quality Audit staff will also benefit from attendance at this course.


To provide attendees with: A detailed practical understanding of the best practice and organisational requirements related to tooling store control and management Provide the attendees with an understanding of best practice tool control Inspection & Calibration.


Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to one-day classroom training
Category: Part 145
Price: 79.50 EUR


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