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It’s an old adage but it is true that “No Customers” = “No business”…! We listen very carefully to what you, our customers say, as it helps us to improve your learning experience. Come and see what people say about SofemaOnline.

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SOL Clients

T.R., August 2019

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (Initial) with VO

"Very positive, it get over the point of how important the job is and how little things you do or don't do can have a big impact."
K.C., June 2019

EASA Ground OPS Post Holder Training

"Very interesting and informative!"
P.N., May 2019

Aircraft Inspection Techniques

"Very useful and informative. I find Sofema have a useful variety of courses."
P.M., March 2019

Aircraft Maintenance Planning Package

"Every aspect was very useful in its own unique way."
Y.P., January 2019

EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Foundation

"Good. Very informative and usage of simple terms makes it much easier to understand, especially for beginners."
M.H., January 2019

Aviation Security Introduction for Non-Security Airport Staff

"It is excellent and very convenient on which I can study on my own phase. The course is perfect!"
A.M., January 2019

(EC) Regulation 965/12 Training Essentials

"Informative, precise, nice layout, no unnecessary going too much in details. Well done."
J.B., November 2018

SMS 1: General Intro to SMS with VO

"E-learning presentation are all excellent and its worth it."
R.R., November 2018

SMS 1: General Intro to SMS with VO

"The course was informative and useful. I liked that there was examples of situations."
K.B., November 2018

Aircraft Maintenance Planning Package

"It gives me more deeper understanding on the Aircraft Maintenance Planning. Very intensive and marketable to my workplace."
R.N., October 2018
R.A., September 2018

SMS for Accountable Manager, Nominated Post Holders and Key Executives

"The presentation was very precise and useful"
P.A., September 2018

Consolidated CAMO Package

“The course was great”
M.F., September 2018

Recurrent package - HF, FTS, EWIS 1&2 with VO

“Excellent, Simple and ready for use at all time”
F.P., September 2018

Aviation Compliance Auditing In an EASA Environment with VO

“Very well collected and presented information”
J.S., August 2018

Aviation Compliance Auditing in an EASA Enviroment

“The whole course were very useful to me”
D.S., August 2018

Part M Foundation

“Excellent price/quality ratio”
F.K., June 2018

15 courses with SofemaOnline

“I'm extremely satisfied with the content and presentation. It has enhanced my professional experience. The training material is inline with industry standard, the course material provides participants in depth knowledge of industry practices which they can implement practically. The courses are great value for money!”
F.H., June 2018

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (Initial) with VO

“Helps me to create a strategy on future training.”
A.A., June 2018

EASA Part 21 Review for CAMO Staff

“Very comprehensive and thorough. I'm sure it will give me a great hand.”
N.N., June 2018

Introduction to Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) and Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

“Explicit, and brings out the key aspects. Very helpful, already putting it in practice.”
V.I., June 2018

Production Planning Package

“Very educative!”
R.H., May 2018

Special EASA 145 Package

“Your courses are valuable and thanks for delivering this service!”
B.M., April 2018

Safety Management System Overview and Recurrent

“The course is very important not just in aviation but in each and every industry. Work cannot be done if there is no safety for the workers. In as much as safety cannot be 100% guaranteed, people will work better in places where there is some form of safety, i.e where an organization has shown a level of commitment to safety.”
C.E., February 2018

EASA Part 21 Review for CAMO Staff

“The course was very helpful from a personal point of view. I liked that it it was affordable and I had an easy access to the presentation.”
R.S., January 2018

Consolidated CAMO Package

“A lot of technical examples which are preparing you for real situations. I also liked that the presentation has a Voice Over.”
V.P., December 2017

Aircraft Technical Records

“It is a very helpful training course. I have quite a bit of experience on the job, and I still learned new things!”
A.J., November 2017

Aircraft Maintenance Planning Package

"Very instructive. In practice it gives a perfect support to understand the whole process and get the big picture out of it."
A.A., November 2017

EASA Aircraft Technical Records Foundation

"Very informative and useful."
A.O., October 2017

Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment Fundamentals

"It is very helpful, i have quite a bit of experience on the job, and i learned new things"
S.S., September 2017

Special EASA 145 Package

"I find those courses very useful for recovering subjects, especially for new comers to aviation and recurrent knowledge assessment, for those who already works in those areas"
S.S., August 2017

Consolidated CAMO Package

"I like the course as it is convenient for busy people on duty, on-line feature is really great 'cause it allows achieving all recurrent trainings and recollecting material while traveling without extended duties break up. Presentations are written well, core subject is highlighted in almost every slide, abbreviations and regulations background in the beginning of the presentation helps to speed up remembering of the essential terms."
A.A., July 2017

EASA Foundation Series Package

"I am extremely satisfied with the contents which are made very clear and efficient. My overall assessment is undoubtedly positive, I'm happy to get a culture in aviation through affordable, exhaustive and in depth on line courses."
G.Z., June 2016

EASA Part 145 Essentials

"The latest EASA changes have been highlighted during the presentation. 145.A.48 explanation was very useful and well presented."
S.A., March 2017

Advanced Aircraft Maintenance Planning and Production Planning Management and Oversight.

"Overall Very Good! I've already referred to most of my colleagues about this. Thank you !"
L.G., December 2016

Root Cause Analysis for Quality Assurance Practitioners

"The course was very helpful, after a finding with Part-TO I could help my company to properly identify the causes and start a corrective action plan, which was successfully accepted by EASA."
Z.A., December 2016

Advanced Aircraft Maintenance Planning in an EASA Environment

"Very well organized training, transferring lots of practical knowledge."
J.M., September 2016

SMS 1: General Intro to SMS with VO

"Navigation through the course is very simple and intuitive. Steven expanded the concepts well and did not belabor points."
D.A.S., October 2016

Aircraft Technical Records

"I found many information's which is only known to highly experienced people. So for beginners like me knowing that information at the starting of the career will make foundation stronger and hopes that's I can do more in future with this knowledge."
Z.M.H., July 2016

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (Recurrent)

"It's very helpful because the knowledge that I got through training can make me to care and comply with the rules in practice."
I.F.R., July 2016

Part 145 Production Planning Essentials

"The course is quite complete, giving the general view of Part 145 from the operator point of view, which is the most important for people who needs to get a clearance from the competent Authority."
M.R., June 2016

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (Initial) with VO

"Flexibility – whenever I had time, I was able to get back to my training where I left."
D.M, April 2016

Fuel Tank Safety (Initial) with VO

"Very good, easy to use web site and course software, would recommend to others."
A.F., April 2016

SMS 1: General Intro to SMS with VO

"The examples are very useful in understanding the terms."
S.A., March 2016

Root Cause Analysis for Quality Assurance Practitioners

"it is very useful to implement its concepts for the work"
E.Z., January 2016

Fuel Tank Safety (Recurrent) with VO

"Presentation and voice over is very useful, especially pictures and tables"
R.R., January, 2016

Part M Maintenance Planning Essentials

"It will definitely be helpful for the participants as it clears the basic concepts and give innovative ideas to implement the procedure in their own organisation."