Prepay Bonus Plan

Sofema Online (SOL) is excited to offer organizations a unique opportunity to maximize their training budgets while fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Introducing the Prepay Bonus Plan: A Strategic Investment in Your Employees' Professional Development!

Prepay Bonus Plan (PBP) Overview - Unlock Up to 25% Bonus Value for Aviation Training


What is the Prepay Bonus Plan (PBP)?

The Prepay Bonus Plan (PBP) is a financial model designed to enhance the capabilities of your aviation professionals and drive your organization's success. With the PBP, organizations can unlock additional training value, allowing for significant financial savings and greater flexibility in managing training schedules. Receive up to 25% Bonus when you Pre-Pay. Here’s how it works:

  • > Invest €2000, Receive €2300: Get a €300 bonus in training value.

  • > Invest €3000, Receive €3600: Benefit from a €600 bonus in training value.

  • > Invest €4000, Receive €5000: Gain an impressive €1000 bonus in training value.

Terms & Conditions:

- The program lasts for 12 months and resets with each top-up payment.
- Any surplus can be rolled over into the following year's active program.
- If you choose not to roll over the surplus, no problem—any remaining funds will be returned, minus the original bonus.

How will the Prepay Bonus Plan benefit your team?

>> Budget Efficiency: Achieve substantial savings with up to 25% bonus value added to your pre-paid amount, allowing you to enrol more staff in essential training without extra financial strain.

>> Extensive Training Catalogue: Access over 350 EASA-compliant courses, packages, and diplomas designed specifically for the aviation industry, ranging from fundamental compliance to advanced skill enhancement.

>> Immediate Course Enrollment: Activate your Prepay Bonus Plan and enrol your team in their chosen courses right away, ensuring their professional development continues seamlessly.

>> Customized Training Solutions: Distribute your training credits across a variety of courses to align with your team’s specific learning objectives and scheduling requirements.

>> Flexibility and Control: Manage training schedules at your convenience, with the ability to roll over unused credits or have funds returned, ensuring that your investment is always optimized.

Get started with your Prepay Bonus Plan

Prepay Bonus Plan is exclusively available to members of the Privileged Training Partner (PTP) Program - our world-renowned corporate loyalty program. PTP is open to any organisation wishing to receive our support and the opportunity to achieve significant savings. 

By choosing the Prepay Bonus Plan, you show dedication to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and professional development within your organization. This investment in your team's future and your company's long-term success ensures you maintain a leadership position in the ever-evolving aviation industry.

Empower Your Team, Drive Your Success. Join our esteemed community of over 130 aviation companies by becoming a PTP partner today. 

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