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Get instant access to over 350 high-quality aviation courses at with no upfront payment. Experience unmatched flexibility and efficiency for your corporate aviation training needs. Say goodbye to financial constraints and hello to seamless training!

Enrol Now - Pay Later (ENPL) Program Overview - Immediate Training Access Without Upfront Payment
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What is Enrol Now - Pay Later (ENPL)?

It's a part of our Privileged Training Program (PTP), allowing organizations to enroll employees in training courses without immediate payment.


Why should your company choose Enrol Now - Pay Later (ENPL)?

>> Immediate training access: Enrol your team members in essential aviationl training programs without an immediate need to settle payment.

>> Monthly Invoicing System: Receive an invoice at the end of each month, providing you with 30 days to manage payments effectively. This feature simplifies the budgeting process and improves financial planning.

>> Access to a Wide Range of Courses: Choose from 350+ online aviation regulatory and professional courses meeting diverse training needs.

>> Discounts on Training: Enjoy a 15% discount on individual courses and a 10% discount on Packages & Diplomas. These significant reductions can lower your training costs, making it more feasible to invest in employee development.

>> Scalable for Any Organization Size: Ideal for both small businesses and large corporations, adapting effortlessly to your training requirements.

>> Administrative Efficiency: With the SOL Corporate User Account, your Company Account Manager gets administrative access to monitor and track the training progress of all enrolled employees, which enhances oversight and ensures that training goals are met.

>> Monthly Status Reports: Stay updated with monthly reports detailing your team's training status and progress. These insights can help adjust training needs and recognize achievements timely.

>> Streamlined Enrollment Process: The flexibility to enrol employees as needed without upfront payment streamlines operations and saves time, allowing your HR and training departments to function more efficiently.

>> Support and Partnership: By choosing ENPL, your organization receives ongoing support from Sofema, ensuring you have all the tools and resources needed to enhance your training programs effectively.

How to start using Enrol Now - Pay Later?

Enrol Now - Pay Later is exclusively available to members of the Privileged Training Partner (PTP) Program - our world-renowned corporate loyalty program. PTP is open to any organisation wishing to receive our support and the opportunity to achieve significant savings. 

By choosing Enrol Now - Pay Later, you’re not just investing in a training solution, you’re embracing a strategic approach to staff development and regulatory compliance. 

Join our esteemed community of over 130 aviation companies by becoming a PTP partner today. Simply fill out the form below to get started on your journey with us.

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