EASA Part CAMO Safety & Human Factor Training

Part CAMO HFIntroduction

This is a newly developed course specifically designed to ensure the delegates cover in sufficient depth, every aspect related to the need to be able to demonstrate compliance with EASA GM2 CAMO.A.305(g) and SMS & Human Factor Training Requirements.

Delegates are able to achieve an in depth understanding regarding basic Aviation Safety Concepts, in particular, to ensure adequate focus on the importance of Safety Behaviour integrated into normal working practices and at the same time fully recognize the importance of optimum Human Behaviour.

As well as the opportunity to achieve a strong understanding of Safety & Human Factor Principles, delegates will consider human performance limitations as well as the potential impact on the daily routine.

The course additionally provides an opportunity to ensure an in-depth familiarisation with key human performance issues relevant to maintenance management & operations in addition, to be able to consider Human Factors knowledge and to be able to integrate this knowledge into key areas of aviation Safety Maintenance.