Measuring Aviation Training Return on Investment (ROI)


Aviation Organizations develop training programs for a range of reasons like:
- Mandatory Requirement
- Related to Performance Problems
- Improvement related to poor work quality and motivation.

The organisation develops goals for the training and then measure the effectiveness of these training in meeting the requirements.
Management should both identify & address any shortcomings with additional training which has been designed for any gaps identified.
Empowering, educating and engaging our employees is the foundation for efficient business practice as well as optimum customer experience.

What is the Benefit of this Training - What will I learn?

The objective of any Organisation learning objective should be to both provide for a Return on Investment and to improve the employees’ personal skill set:

a) To measure the improvement of engagement among employees as they continue to learn from each other.
b) To measure the effectiveness of the management’s ability to ensure employees are applying the learned concepts accurately and correctly within the organization.
c) To confirm Knowledge Transfer is helping if all the employees possess the right knowledge and skills to meet performance targets.