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Understanding the Role of Sofema Online (SOL) training courses and the purpose of adding voice over.


Sofema Online currently offers over 200 Courses and our Partner Sofema Aviation Services offers over 550 Courses.

It is important to understand that not all courses are suitable for everyone

 Entry Level Courses will be of little interest to persons with many years experience so it is important to choose wisely

 Hi-Level Courses will not enable an appropriate level of engagement by a newly indoctrinated person

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Comment by Steve Bentley – CEO of Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) – Your Aviation Regulatory Training Provider


We are asked this question with regularity (unfortunately) – Is Sofema Aviation Services / SofemaOnline Approved by EASA to Deliver Regulatory Training?

Why unfortunately? – Because often the person asking is a Compliance or Safety Manager or even a Nominated Post Holder operating within the European Union and working for an Operator, or AMO / CAMO or an Airport or an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) or Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO).

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Answer – All of the 13,000 Aviation Professionals have enrolled in SofemaOnline (SOL) EASA & FAA Online Regulatory Compliant Training Platform as registered users.

Introducing SofemaOnline

Welcome to SofemaOnline! The №1 destination for online regulatory compliant and vocational training courses in the aviation industry. (We will be glad to welcome you on board!)

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Sofema Online ( takes a look at the process to manage the competency of EASA Part 147 Invigilators.

Introduction – Best Practice Requirements related to Exam Invigilators

Regarding the Nomination of an Invigilator

Firstly let's consider what we mean by Invigilator? - An exam invigilator is typically appointed by the maintenance training organization (MTO) for the purpose of ensuring the correct conduct of a particular examination in accordance with the examination procedures of the EASA Part 147 organization.

Last modified on enables competence development for both individuals and organizations providing a valuable regulatory and vocational learning opportunity.

Our Learning Diplomas are quickly becoming an effective solution to the challenge of building competency, with more than 150 online courses currently available we are ideally positioned to support your training needs. The Sofema Online team is renowned for its excellent preparation and organization skills providing a superb online learning experience as well as a friendly and approachable customer service – Contact Sofema Online now at  

Sofema Courses are developed by subject matter experts with a strong work ethic as well as a deep knowledge and passion for their subject. Our focus is aimed at raising your competency by significantly improving your knowledge, understanding and practical skills.

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I want my Aviation Organisation Staff Training Program Managed online! - Now I know that SofemaOnline (SOL) manages specialty training on behalf of Aviation Organisations just like ours!

Whats on offer?

Your own Company Aviation centered Short Course – Developed for you and Managed on line by

Providing as much or as little support as you need, The cost effective way to manage your online training needs. SofemaOnline (SOL) courses provide the perfect opportunity for your employees to explore areas that will underpin their understanding of roles responsibilities and competence driving elements.

SOL courses have been shown to improve job performance and motivate your employees to engage in effective learning in a short period of time.

With online training our courses are suitable even for individual and new starters. Introductory short courses can be a perfect way to ensure that new starters are up to speed and have the relevant awareness of regulatory requirements and company. offers the perfect solution

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