EASAOnline is pleased to announce in conjunction with our EASA 147 training partner European Aviation Institute, that we are launching an online EASA Part 66 training program. All Part 66 Basic Modules are being progressively loaded onto the EASAOnline (EOL) Learning Management System (LMS) Platform allowing you to review the material and sit the online exam. When you are ready we can help you to take the module exam under EASA Part 147 “exam conditions” which will provide you a credit valid for 10 years.

EASAOnline is an EASA Regulatory & Vocational online training provider of EASA Compliant and now offers EASA Part 66 Online Training. EOL provides a cost effective solution to help you in your preparations for your EASA Part 66 Basic Licence. When you are confident you are ready you may undertake the module exam under full EASA 147 compliant conditions, either in Bucharest Romania or at one of the nominated remote locations.

EASAOnline offers online EASA Part 66 module courses which provide an essential representation of the syllabus for each module. On completion a multi choice examination is provided to test your knowledge.

You are able to select individually the module you require to meet your specific requirements. Each training is valid for 6 months from first use. With the flexibility of being able to stop and start at your convenience www.easaonline.com provides a tailored solution to support your EASA Part 66 Basic Licence self-study training program.

When you are ready our administration team will support you to arrange your EASA Part 147 module examination.

Commented Steve Bentley MD of Sofema Aviation Services (owner of www.easaonline.com) “Since the launch of EOL we have seen 1000’s of users benefiting from the growing portfolio of courses. With the growing availability of EASA Part 66 Basic training support material, the platform is able to reach to a broader community. We are extremely pleased to have entered into a business relationship with our Romanian Colleagues at European Aviation Institute. We are confident that with this new relationship we will continue to explore a growing number of opportunities which will support the aspirations of aircraft maintenance engineers who are wishing to obtain formal qualifications in support of the their aviation career”.

Commented Diana Dumitrache, president of Romanian Aeronautical Association and Director General of European Aviation Institute “Taking in consideration the fact that the maintenance is one of the essential activities of the civil aviation which will have a significant increase in the future, and that we will be faced with an acute shortage of personnel in the coming years, and also considering the fact that we are living in a dynamic era where the time is very precious, we are confident that the partnership with SOFEMA will bring added value to aviation filed not only by providing at a global level specialized high quality training under European standards, but also offering the opportunity of saving time by opening the possibility of online self-study will attract new young people to our field.“

www.easaonline .com is supervised by a European EASA Part 147 approved training organisation, European Aviation Institute Certificate of Approval No RO.147.0003.

For additional information please email: easaonline@sassofia.com