The SOL Diploma supports the career path of our clients Read the Success Story of Gheorghe Smarandoiu

Success Stories Gheorghe Valeriu Smarandoiu sol 2Sofema is delighted to share the Success Stories of our customers who completed a SOL Diploma.

We are here to support our clients by providing them with the training solution that fits their needs the best. That’s why we developed our Learning Path Diploma Programs – To help you build the career path leading to your success.

We want to share the story of Gheorghe Valeriu Smarandoiu – He completed the following Diplomas:
CAMO Diploma and EASA Part 145 / Part 147 Instructor Diploma which is now EASA Continuing Airworthiness Instructor Diploma

We asked Gheorghe a few questions regarding his training experience with our Diploma program

  1. How did you find out about our Diplomas?

I have completed a few training with Sofema before and when I saw the SOL Diploma program on your LinkedIn page. After a short analysis, I found a really good investment for my professional development.

  1. What inspired you to become an Airworthiness Engineer?

Currently, I am a Licensed Aircraft Engineer and directly after graduating High School, I joined the Romanian Military Aviation College where my career in aviation started. Since 2009 I was involved in Aviation Maintenance and Operations with different roles as an aircraft engineer, CAMO engineer, Flight Engineer, Hoist operator, and Crew chief.

The inspiration was coming step by step since the beginning and because I love the aviation industry, I have chosen to have plenty of roles, gaining experience and a vast picture of the phenomenon.

  1. How did our Diplomas help you excel in your career?

I choose to complete the EASA 145/147 Instructor Diploma because of my first mentor in Aviation (Neculai Canache), who inspired me with the idea “A complete engineer is not the one who only does his job very well, but the one who also prepares future generations”.

We would like to thank Gheorghe for sharing his story with us!
We are delighted to know that our products provided him with the knowledge he needed in order to achieve success – We hope that he will continue choosing Sofema! 

- Details about the CAMO Diploma

The Program is appropriate for Certifying Engineers, CAMO Post Holders (PH) / Nominated Persons (NP), and any other members of Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) that want to polish their knowledge and start a career as a CAMO, Safety, or Compliance Manager. Is this program going to fit your needs? – See here

Do you have a background in an aviation maintenance environment with either a relevant Degree or Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licence? – See which positions this program is suitable for