What Can Sofema Online’s Corporate Freedom Pass Mean For Your Organisation?

What Can Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass Mean For Your Organisation solSofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com discusses the challenges organisations face related to the management and successful delivery of vocational and competence-building training to their workforce.

In this article, we explain the rationale behind developing our Corporate Freedom Pass potentially bringing regulatory compliance and vocational training to all your staff for below 10 EUR / Training Day.

Introduction – Would you agree there is a reluctance to provide vocational and regulatory training to staff members?

>> We assume, that in the case of any training which can be considered mandatory, the answer typically is no!
>> However, where the training is optional rather than mandatory the answer would be sometimes yes!

What are the primary reasons for such a reluctance to train?

>> Cost: Providing training and development programs for employees can be expensive, particularly for small and medium-sized companies. (Some companies may not have the budget to provide comprehensive training programs.)
>> Time: Training and development programs require time and resources to plan, execute, and evaluate. (Some companies focus on meeting immediate business needs and achieving short-term goals.)
>> Lack of expertise: They may not have qualified trainers or the resources to design and deliver effective training programs.
>> Lack of awareness: Some companies may simply be unaware of the benefits of providing vocational and competence-building training for their staff. (Investing in employee development can lead to improved productivity, higher job satisfaction, and reduced turnover.)

Consider the advantages of providing regulatory and vocational training to all your team (appropriate to their job role and responsibilities)

By providing opportunities for learning and development, companies can improve the skills and knowledge of their workforce, enhance their competitiveness, and ultimately achieve their business objectives more effectively

>> Aviation employees must fully engage in training to understand aviation regulations related to knowledge and competence building to ensure safety, compliance, efficiency, and reputation.
>> Well-trained and competent employees can perform their duties more efficiently, reducing delays and costs associated with errors or rework. This can improve the overall productivity and profitability of the organization.
>> The reputation of an airline or aviation company is essential to its success. By demonstrating a commitment to safety, compliance, and efficiency, an organization can build a positive reputation and gain the trust of customers and stakeholders.

 It is important to ensure that all aviation personnel are adequately trained on regulatory requirements to maintain safe and efficient operations. Undertraining aviation employees related to regulatory knowledge can lead to safety exposures related to effective engagement with various organisation obligations and business processes

>> Employees who are not adequately trained on regulatory requirements may inadvertently violate them.
>> Reduced situational awareness which is crucial for identifying and mitigating potential safety risks.
>> The potential for reputation damage with any regulatory violations or safety incidents negatively impacting the airline's reputation.

 What Training Program will best fit your Organisation?

>> Consider the potential costs of your training program

o Option A Inhouse Solution, including the costs of trainers, materials, equipment, facilities, and any other related expenses.
o Option B Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass provides access for your entire team to over 300 courses, packages and diplomas for a fixed monthly or annual fee.

>> Identify the benefits of the training program, including the impact on employee performance, productivity, safety, and compliance.

o Note: These benefits can be measured through assessments, surveys, and evaluations.

Next Steps

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