Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass - Provide your entire team with easy access to our whole Training Portfolio

Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass Provide your entire team with easy access to our whole Training PortfolioChoose Sofema Online (SOL)  as your Virtual Aviation Training Partner to support your organisation's development of a competent workforce

Competent employees bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experiences to an organization, which can help drive innovation and new ideas.

Aviation companies recognise that competent employees are likely to be more efficient, and this increased productivity can lead to higher output, which can positively impact the bottom line.

There is a further benefit in that competent employees are more likely to feel engaged and fulfilled in their work, which can lead to higher employee retention rates and lower costs associated with turnover.

With over 300 Courses, Packages and Diplomas, Sofema Online is well-placed to provide the online training resource your team needs to stay current with EASA regulatory development and gain enhanced vocational knowledge. See which courses are available

Accessing the Sofema Online Training Portfolio for your entire team could not be easier with our Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP)!

Cost considerations are minimized with the daily training rate dropping below 10 EUR/employee training day with the CFP.

The Corporate Freedom Pass ensures that all employees receive the same level of training, which can help to improve safety and efficiency across the organization.

>> The CFP provides a number of benefits to organizations that are looking to provide training for their employees in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Some of the key benefits include:

>>> It allows an organization to purchase a set number of training courses for a fixed monthly price allowing 5, 7, 10, and 15 consecutive enrollments, which can be significantly less expensive than purchasing individual courses for each employee.
>>> With a Corporate Freedom Pass, employees can choose from a wide range of online courses that cover a variety of topics, including aviation safety, maintenance, quality management, and human factors. This allows employees to tailor their training to their specific needs and interests including recurrent training.

Sofema Online training courses can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy for employees to fit training into their busy schedules.

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