Sofema Online Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)

Sofema Online Course Learning Objectives CLOs SOLSofema Online (SOL) considers the role of the Sofema Online Course Learning Objectives and how they can support your Regulatory Compliant & Competence Building Vocational Online Training.


Sofema Online provides EASA-compliant regulatory and vocational courses to support competence development within multiple aviation domains.

What are Sofema Online (SOL) – Course Learning Objectives?

  • > Course Learning Objectives (CLOs) are intended to provide clear, concise statements of what learners will be able to demonstrate or perform at the conclusion of each element of instructional content.
  • > CLOs provide a detailed breakdown of the course content, exactly what your Quality Assurance / Compliance Auditing Group requires as part of their Regulatory Obligation to ensure the course content complies with both Regulatory Authority and Organisational Requirements

How Does Sofema Online Manage its Portfolio of Online Training Courses?

  • > Our business depends fundamentally on the need to continually ensure the material is up to date and delivered to a consistent and uniform standard.
  • > In many cases, our updates are available whilst the regulation is at the NPA stage however to remain current we have to ensure that we follow the lead of EASA.
  • > It is Sofema Policy to ensure all our training material is subject to constant review and periodically updated to reflect current regulatory requirements.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)

SOL provides Course Learning Objectives (CLOs) to enable our clients to verify course content compliance with regulatory & vocational objectives.

  • > Ensure the course meets your expectations related to regulatory authority and organisational expectations.
  • > Print the CLO to retain with the course certificate as part of the competence management process.
  • > Share the CLO with Regulatory Authorities and Auditors to demonstrate an acceptable level of course content.
  • > Online training is an extremely cost-effective method for delivering niche regulatory training, typical of the training which is offered by Sofema Aviation Services.
  • > A fundamental requirement for online training is to ensure that it provides the essential content which is focused on a deep understanding of the subject matter. At we ensure that behind each training is a practical knowledgeable tutor.
  • > Major benefits include convenience and flexibility, availability, ease of use through any internet-connected computer, and the ability of the student to learn at their own pace without any limitations.

– An opportunity for all your employees to build competence in the workplace
– Satisfy all your regulatory recurrent obligations
– Sofema Online Training Courses have been developed by Industry Professionals with more than 40 years of Commercial Aviation experience across a range of disciplines
– Sofema Online Courses are Engaging & Interactive
– All delegates shall receive Sofema Online Certificate on completion of the Course Examination
– Configured for Tablet / Mobile Devices

Currently available Course Learning Objectives:

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