Why you should build your career path with a SOL Diploma? Read the Success Story of Håvard Tørre

SOL Why you should build your career path with our Diploma program Read the Success Story of Hаvard Tоrre

Sofema is delighted to share the Success Stories of our customers who completed a SOL Diploma.

We are here to support our clients by providing them with the training solution that fits their needs the best. That’s why we developed our Learning Path Diploma Programs – To help you build the career path leading to your success.

We want to share the story of  Håvard Tørre – He completed the following SOL Diploma:
EASA Part 145 Safety Management System

We asked Håvard a few questions regarding his training experience with our Diploma program

1/ How did you find out about our Diplomas?

“Our company staff has used Sofema Online for training over the past few years, and are very satisfied with the quality of the programs and courses offered. We regularly monitor your portfolio for relevant training programs and courses; hence we learned about The EASA Part 145 Safety Management System Diploma.”

2/ What inspired you to become Technical Director?

“My profound interest in aviation and my background in aeronautical engineering have eventually opened the path to my present role as Technical Director, holding NP Part-145 and NP Continuing Airworthiness positions. The aviation industry is, in my opinion, the most exciting workplace to be in. The interesting people, the advanced technology, the challenges and rewards all add up to provide for an awesome, inspiring, and meaningful career.”

3/ How did our Diplomas help you excel in your career?

“The Diploma has been essential for providing the details and insight necessary for me to develop and establish a roadmap for our company moving forward and implementing SMS requirements in a Part-145 environment.”

Thank you, Håvard, for sharing your story with us!
It’s a pleasure to k
now that our products provided you with the competence leading to your career development. We hope that you will continue choosing Sofema! 

  • Details about the EASA Part 145 Safety Management System Diploma

This training program is appropriate for Licensed Maintenance Staff and Personnel with aviation maintenance background. After successful completion of the Diploma, the delegate will have the opportunity to start a career as a Safety Manager or Quality Manager for Part 145 organisations. What are the responsibilities of a Safety/Quality Manager? See here

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