SOL Considers the need for 3rd Country Part 145 Aircraft & Workshop Maintenance Certifying Staff to comply with the EASA Part 66 Mod 9 & 10 obligations

Sofema Online Considers the need for 3rd Country Part 145 Aircraft and Workshop Maintenance Certifying Staff to comply with the obligations of EASA Part 66 Module 9 and 10Sofema Online (SOL) looks at the training process to ensure compliance with the regulatory obligations

Introduction – Why is the SOL course identified as equivalent to 3 days when other organisations provide it as a ½ day

To answer this, you need to consider the philosophy of Sofema Aviation Services and Sofema Online

>> The first comment is we do not tick boxes we go to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of the content is covered in sufficient detail within our training material  
>> We promote open access – which means we provide Free of charge access for audit and assessment purposes – please email for the details
>> We provide practical solutions which pass regulatory audits – our CEO has over 50 years of practical commercial aviation experience
>> We have enrolled and accepted many 100’s of delegates for 3rd Country 145 certification compliance in respect of Module 9 & Module 10 – we have never had a certificate refused
>> During 2022 over 24,500 delegates were enrolled in Sofema Online Training

Currently, we have available over 300 Courses, Packages & Diplomas to support the development of competence and demonstration of compliance with EASA Regulatory Requirements.

So the short answer is that we focus 100% on the need to comply with the exact content of the regulatory requirement (For example we note that 1 of our competitors mentions that the course is “based on Part 66 Module 9) – there is a big difference here in that the Sofema Online Course is Fully Compliant with Part 66 Module 9

So how can we protect our organisation to ensure the online training is fully compliant? See here for SOL FAQ - How to Audit a Training Provider of EASA Regulatory & Vocational Training Courses?

>> As advised by EASA the receiving organisation is ultimately responsible for the validity and effectiveness of any regulatory short courses which are taken by the organisation's staff.
>> Please consider that the classroom, online or webinar training your staff will receive is related to the management of their competence, moreover, the provision of the particular training is one element of this process.
>> To support your Quality Assurance oversight of the process SAS will provide FOC Guest access for your Nominated Assessor to validate SOL online training courses or to provide team viewer or similar access to classroom & webinar courses when it is required.
>> You should also evaluate your process for managing the competence of your assessor who will be able to attest to the validity and acceptability of the provided material.
>> Finally, do consider your follow-up process to ensure the effectiveness of the training received by the employee and whether it is necessary to include any additional assessment procedures to be carried out by the receiving organisation.

Notes regarding EASA Part 66 Online training to demonstrate compliance

Part 145 approvals: Aircraft certifying staff and support staff UG.CAO.00121-004 & Part 145 Workshop Certification Approval (please refer to Foreign Part-145 approvals - Components, engines and APU certifying staff UG.CAO.00126-003).

See also the following:

EASA Part 66 Module 9 Human Factors for Foreign Part 145 Aircraft and Components / Eng Staff

Notes on the provision of EASA Compliant Part 66 Module 9 & Module 10 Training for Third Country 145 Organisations

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