Who is the World’s Leading Provider of EASA Regulatory Compliant and Vocational Online Training?

SOL Who is the World Leading Provider of EASA Regulatory Compliant and Vocational Online TrainingSince its inception back in 2013 Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com has consistently grown its customer base and is currently enrolling over 25,000 delegates per year. We are delighted to provide EASA Regulatory Compliant Courses to delegates worldwide

About Sofema Online

Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com provides clients with over 300 Courses, Packages and Diplomas designed to support the training needs of aviation professionals worldwide.

For the last 2 years, over 26,323 certificates on course completion were issued. Over the years, SOL has built a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy aviation training provider. Check out SOL’s training portfolio

However please do not take our word for it – try our training for free – we have 5 sample courses exactly for this purpose!

>> Please visit www.sofemaonline.com to register (Its free no CC required)

>> Search for “Sample” in the Course Selection Field

>> Choose a course to Enroll in and experience how easy it is to use our training platform

Have you undertaken any SOL courses?

If you can answer “yes”, then you should consider membership to SOL Plus (saving many 100’s of Euro as you continue to build competence)

>> SOL Plus is a Members Group for Individuals that recognizes customer loyalty to Sofema Online.

  • How to join SOL Plus?

1. Purchase any Sofema course in your own name

2. Email Sofema Online at team@sassofia.com with a request for enrolment in SOL Plus

3. You will then be provided with your SOL Plus registration number

4. Next time you book a training simply provide your SOL Plus number and we will automatically apply your discount

See details for the benefits of a SOL Plus membership here

What is the Access Period & Duration of the Courses?

There is an approximate duration stated for each course. That time may vary depending on your learning pace.

However, it is important to note that whilst you set the pace, it is not a race and you owe it to yourself to fully engage and gain the maximum value from the training.

How Many Exam Attempts Do I Have to Take the Exam?

If you fail the exam, you have 2 more attempts, however, a first failure should indicate that you should carefully review the course. Rushing through hundreds of slides in a couple of hours is not what we want, and we are sure you agree.

It is important to take the course seriously the 3 attempts are to provide the correct level of motivation (Please Note – Our failure rate is currently 0,1% for 3 attempts)

Concerning Course Access Period – Effective from March 1st, 2022*

>> All single courses, unless part of a diploma or special package, have a 270-day access period.

>>The access period for Packages is 12 months

>> The access period for Diplomas is 15 months

*In the case the delegate does not complete the training during the initially provided access period, SOL will provide the training again with a 50% discount from the regular price.

Next Steps

We will be pleased to provide you with a detailed offer to meet your particular organisational objectives. Please email us at  team@sassofia.com to address your comments, questions or requests.