EASA Compliant Maintenance Control Centre and Defect Management Package is Now Available

EASA Compliant Maintenance Control Centre and Defect Management Package is Now Available SOLSofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com is pleased to offer a combined Maintenance Control Centre (MCC) and Defect Management Package: Maintenance Control and Defects Package

It consists of the following 2 courses:

Tailored for CAMO, Maintenance Operations Staff, Quality and Safety Staff, and Regulatory Authorities, these courses offer in-depth insights into Aircraft Recurrent Defects, MCC implementation, Defect Control Procedure development, and more.

Comment from Steve Bentley, CEO of Sofema:
“We are very pleased to offer this affordable package of MCC and Defect Management Training which is equivalent to 5 days in the classroom. Because of our economy of scale (we had 24,500 online enrollments during 2022) we are able to offer outstanding value with discounts of up to 90% compared to our competitors – Do not take our word for it though please check it out. This program is ideal for anyone who is employed in the CAMO or MCC environment and looking for an opportunity to demonstrate or grow competence.”

 What will you gain from this learning journey?

  • > Deepen your understanding of the relationship between Reliability, Defect Control & MCC
  • > Master the regulatory drivers for Repetitive Defect Control
  • > Learn to improve your Recurrent Defect Management Process
  • > Comprehend the process of setting up and implementing an MCC (Heavy & Light)
  • > Understand and develop effective MCC Process & Procedures
  • > Become familiar with interface procedures between MCC, OPS & AMO
  • > Evaluate typical software tools for managing an MCC

What is in the package?

  • - Introduction to the Role of an MCC
  • - EASA Operator Responsibilities Concerning Continuing Airworthiness
  • - Converting an Existing CAMO into a CAMO plus MCC
  • - Initial MCC Scoping Exercise
  • - Regulatory Requirements related to MCC Implementation
  • - Considering Aircraft Maintenance Planning and Control Objectives
  • - Developing the MCC Works Scope
  • - Facilities and Equipment Required for an MCC
  • - Roles and Responsibilities within a Typical MCC
  • - MCC Flight Operations Interface
  • - MCC AMO Production Planning Interface
  • - MCC Materials Management Interface
  • - Training Considerations Related to a Functioning MCC
  • - MCC Financial Considerations / Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • - Meeting Technical & Documentation Support Requirements
  • - Addressing AOG and Unscheduled Maintenance
  • - Short-Term Reliability Considerations
  • - Recurrent Defect Control
  • - MCC Managed Aircraft Technical Records
  • - MCC Software Considerations
  • - MCC Visual Display Systems and more – See here

What is the cost of the package?

Package Price = 205 Euro (305 Euro) – Saving you over 100 Euro!

This combined package takes you from understanding complex rogue and chronic units, through to building your own fully-functional Maintenance Control Centre.