Learn how to establish and maintain a robust fatigue risk management system within your organization with this new course

Learn how to establish and maintain a robust fatigue risk management system within your organization with this new course SOL

Sofema Online has launched the following new course:

EASA Fatigue Risk Management Systems For Part 145 Maintenance Organisations

About the training:

The purpose of the Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) is to ​promote a reduction of, as far as practicably reasonable, workplace fatigue and its associated risks, to ensure a safe and error-free work environment for employees, contractors, and clients. Driven by ICAO both the FAA & Transport Canada are also promoting effective FRMS within the maintenance environment.

Currently, EASA has focused FRMS within the Flight Operations environment, however, in the near future this will be expanded to include FRMS within Aviation Maintenance.​

In preparation for the forthcoming changes together with the need to promote a proactive SMS within the ​MRO environment, this training focuses exclusively on the role of FRMS in the maintenance environment.

Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration: equivalent to 1-day classroom training
Price: 85 EUR

What is the content of this training?

1. FRMS Introduction
2. Terminology and Abbreviations
3. Regulations Applicable to Fatigue EASA Part 145
4. FRMS - How to Assess your Organisations Status
5. The Concept of Fatigue Risk Management Systems
6. Science of Sleep and Foundations of Fatigue
7. Understanding the Challenge of Migrating from a Compliance-Based FRMS to a Performance Based FRMS
8. Considering the Challenge of Developing an Open and Effective Reporting Culture
9. Considering the Steps to Implement an Effective FRMS within your Organisation
10. Integrating FRMS within an SMS
11. FRMS Systematic Management
12. FRMS Documentation
13. FRMS Training
14. Promotion of FRMS within the context of a “Culture of Trust”

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