Satisfy your 145 and CAMO initial training obligations with SMS/HF/FTS/EWIS online courses

SOL Satisfy your 145CAMO initial training obligations with SMSHFFTSEWIS online coursesEASA mandates that organizations demonstrate their ability to establish and manage the competence of personnel engaged in maintenance, management, and/or quality audits. This should align with a procedure and standard endorsed by the relevant authority.
Competence must include an understanding of the application of Safety Management System, Human Factors/Human Performance Issues appropriate to the person’s function in the organisation.

Comply with the 145 and CAMO initial training objectives with the following
comprehensive online training:

145 Initial Package (SMS, HF, FTS, EWIS 1 & 2) with Voice Over

The package is compliant with EASA GM2 145.A.30 (e) HF & SMS Training Requirements and consists of:

– EASA Part 145 Safety (SMS) & Human Factors (HF) Training (Initial) with VO
– Fuel Tank Safety (FTS) – Initial with VO
– EWIS for Target Groups 1 and 2 (Initial) with VO

Price = €160 (€355 ) – Save over €190 by registering here

CAMO Initial Package (HF, SMS, EWIS 3 & 6, FTS) with Voice Over

The package consists of Safety & Human Factor Training in accordance with GM2 CAMO.A.305(g), Fuel Tank Safety training Appendix XII to AMC M.A.706(f) and AMC1 M.B.102(c), and EWIS training (AMC 20-22).

– EASA Part CAMO Safety (SMS) & Human Factors (HF) Training (Initial) with VO
– Fuel Tank Safety (FTS) – Initial with VO
– EWIS for Target Groups 3 to 6 with VO

Price = €160 (€315) – Save over €150 by registering here

Benefits of the Sofema Online (SOL) courses

  • > A Wide Range of Options: With over 300 individual courses, packages, and diplomas, Sofema Online offers a diverse portfolio that caters to various aviation professional needs and interests.
  • > Certification: Upon completion of each course, you will receive online certification.
  • > Compliant with Multiple Regulatory Environments: Rest assured that SOL courses are compliant with EASA and other regulatory standards, ensuring that you are receiving training that aligns with industry requirements.
  • > Building Vocational Competence: Our courses go beyond theory. They focus on practical application, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your aviation career.
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