EASA Part 147 Practical Instructors - Upgrade your expertise with our new course

EASA Part 147 Practical InstructorsWe are proudly sharing that we have a new course to offer:

EASA Part 147 Practical Instructors, Examiners/Assessors Training - Initial

About the training:

Being an instructor is a specific job and it does require qualifications. Even an expert, perfectly knowledgeable on a specific subject may be a very poor instructor and not be able to efficiently transfer his/her knowledge to others if he/she was not been trained in instructional techniques by specialists. The same principle applies to examiners and assessors. Our course is designed for individuals who are involved in training, examining, or assessing practical skills in aviation maintenance training organizations operating under EASA Part 147. It equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively instruct, assess, and examine practical tasks while complying with EASA regulations and industry standards. See more


Course type: Presentation with a voice-over

Duration: Equivalent to 1-day classroom training

Price: 85 EUR

What are the benefits of this training?

• Understand the structure, composition, and impact of EASA Part 147 & Part 66 Regulations.

• To be able to provide training and deliver guidance whilst performing direct supervision.

• To be able to perform ongoing evaluations, handle trainees’ reactions, and address cultural issues.

• Practical Training Development.

• Understand the best use of instructional tools and techniques to enhance instruction.

• Understand techniques to optimize and deliver practical presentations. See more benefits here.

What is the content of this training? 

Abbreviations & Definitions

Basic Introduction to EASA Regulations and Part M plus Subparts

Airworthiness Review Staff Qualifications

Subpart I - Airworthiness Review Certificate - General

Review of CAME Part 4 Procedures

Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC) Process - Considerations

Considering Airworthiness Review Certificate Issue In an EASA Combined Airworthiness Organisation (CAO)

CAMO Considerations Related to the Issue of EASA - ARC. See the full table of contents 

Soft Copy of the material:

Special offer for Groups of 3 or more: If you have a minimum of 3 delegates registered together for a SOL online course, your nominated Course Leader / Administrator will be able to request a free-of-charge soft copy of the training material.

Price drop of offline access to SOL training material: From 1 January 2023, we are pleased to provide you with offline access to SOL course material for a nominal fee of €30(€125)  per training day. Please email team@sassofia.com with your request for soft copy material. Read more

How to register?

Visit the course’s page here and enroll directly on the website or email team@sassofia.com for group enrollments.

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