We are supporting aviation enthusiasts with our Leadership Scholarship Program. Meet the future aviation leaders Read the success story of Nalini Chanderban

Leadership Scholarship Program SOL newLeader in aviation education for the past 15 years, Sofema Online is providing professionals in the field worldwide with an exclusive Leadership Scholarship Program.  Individuals from various aviation domains have already benefited from our Program. For a second year, we have invested over €50,000 in the future of aviation leaders. 100 applicants were admitted; some are already practising their newly acquired leadership skills.

Our next Success Story is in line with the main goal the Leadership Program bears -  continuity between the generations and the empowerment of future aviation professionals. With a remarkable industry experience of over 27 years, Nalini Chanderban is the epitome of success in aviation - from Office Manager in 1996 to an Accountable Manager & General Manager of the Art Williams & Harry Wendt Aeronautical Engineering School in Guyana in 2023. In her feedback on the Program, she shares how the studies can be implemented on the job and discloses which training is her favourite.

1. How did you find out about the Leadership Scholarship Program?

I found out about Sofema from the International Federation of Airworthiness, when I recommended my co-worker, for a scholarship sponsored by Sofema in year 2022

2. Which aviation area are you working at – position/company?

I am the Accountable Manager & General Manager of the Art Williams & Harry Wendt Aeronautical Engineering School, Eugene F. Correia International Airport, Ogle, E.C.D. Guyana, South America. I have been with this company for the last 27 years from Office Manager in 1996 to Accountable Manager in 2023. I report to the Chairman and Board of Directors.

3. What can you implement in your working practice from the studies?

I am building capacity with my work team to better manage and lead students, being trained and then employed in the Aviation Sector and the Oil and Gas Sector in Guyana. These studies complement my knowledge and are transferred to my staff and students in general areas of critical thinking, open-mindedness, promoting a safety culture as well and harnessing international practices.

4 What skills/knowledge did you obtain from the Leadership Program, and which course do you expect to be the most useful in your career?

I gained much knowledge from the Sofema Leadership program, especially Leadership Skills for my dual roles as Accountable Manager (being a leader) as well as General Manager (being a manager). It is enlightening to understand the differences and similarities and how they intersect. Public Speaking and Building Competency helped me to put things into perspective. It enhanced my knowledge and enabled me to put structure to my strategic plans and be able to work with persons above me and below me in the workplace hierarchy.
The most useful course from Sofema in my career would be the one on Communication and Assertiveness. I am quite competent in working with systems, policies and procedures. I have to further build and become more comfortable with working with people at all levels and ensuring that I can maintain firm and meaningful relationships that would help to add value without encountering unease and discomfort

We are grateful for Nalini`s feedback and experience.

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