Sofema Online achieves prestigious accreditation from ARTSA

Sofema Online achieved accredited membership of ARTSA A milestone in aviation training excellenceIn a significant stride towards aviation excellence, Sofema Online (SOL) is proud to announce our recent accreditation as a Full Member of the Aviation Regulatory Training Standards Association (ARTSA)

Background of Sofema Online and ARTSA

Sofema Online (, a part of the larger Sofema Group, has been a prominent name in the aviation training sector for many years. Known for our extensive range of online courses, Sofema Online has been instrumental in enhancing the skills and knowledge of aviation professionals worldwide. The platform offers courses covering various aspects of aviation, including safety management, maintenance, and regulatory compliance.

ARTSA (, on the other hand, is a globally recognized non-profit organization that accredits organisations providing training in the aviation industry. The association’s primary goal is to promote and maintain a uniform set of standards, ensuring the highest quality of regulatory training worldwide. This accreditation assures the delivery of top-tier educational content and methodologies.

The Accreditation Process

The process of gaining accreditation from ARTSA involves a thorough evaluation of the training organisation’s course content, delivery methods, instructor qualifications, and quality management systems. SOL’s successful accreditation is a result of its consistent efforts in maintaining high standards in all these areas.

Benefits of the accreditation

  • > Global Recognition: As accredited members, both Sofema entities now align with a globally recognized benchmark in regulatory training.
  • > Continuous Professional Development: Access to a platform that encourages continuous learning and professional growth.
  • > Networking Opportunities: Being part of ARTSA offers a unique chance to foster global cooperation and networking among regulatory training organizations.
  • > Adherence to Universal Standards: This accreditation signifies Sofema’s commitment to upholding and promoting universal standards for regulatory training.

Impact on the Aviation Training Industry

ARTSA’s accreditation is not just a significant achievement for the company but also a positive development for the aviation training industry as a whole. It sets a benchmark for quality and reliability, encouraging other training providers to strive for similar standards.

Aspirations moving forward

Sofema Online aspires to:

  • > Enhance Training Quality: With ARTSA’s guidance, both entities aim to further refine their training modules, ensuring they remain at the forefront of aviation regulatory training.
  • > Expand Global Reach: Leveraging ARTSA’s vast network, SOL hopes to extend its services to a broader audience, promoting aviation safety and excellence worldwide.
  • > Collaborate and Innovate: By actively participating in ARTSA’s events, workshops, and seminars, Sofema aims to collaborate with industry peers, sharing knowledge and introducing innovative training methodologies.

A word from the management

Steve Bentley FRAeS, CEO of Sofema, commented: “This accreditation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to aviation safety and excellence. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are eager to contribute actively to ARTSA’s mission of fostering a cooperative learning environment on a global scale.