The Part 147 & Part 66 Regulatory Training and Development of MTOE & TNA training is now available - Enroll today!

The Part 147 Part 66 Regulatory Training and Development of MTOE TNA training is now available at Sofema Online Enroll today SOLWe are glad to announce the latest training by Sofema Online:

Part 147 & Part 66 Regulatory Training and Development of MTOE & TNA

About the training

This course provides a thorough understanding of the EASA Part 147/66 Regulation, focusing on its structure and impact on organizations. It covers organizational roles and responsibilities in compliance with EASA Part 147, the relationship with Part 66, and the application of these regulations in the aviation maintenance sector. The training emphasizes adapting to changes in the regulation, ensuring compliance, optimizing processes, and implementing Part 147 effectively. Additionally, it delves into the Part 147 Quality System, highlighting the differences between QA and QC roles, particularly for Training Managers, and explains the EASA 147 approval process. It also includes insights into quality oversight, audit programs, and the Maintenance Training Organisation Exposition (MTOE), aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding for practical application in the industry. See details 

Course type: Presentation without voice-over
Duration: Equivalent to four-day classroom training
Price: 210 EUR

What is the content of this course? 

1. Definitions and Abbreviations
2. A Brief History of European Aviation Regulatory Development
3. Operational Suitability Data
4. The Difference Between Part 66 Licence and Organisation Approval
5. Typical Duties of an EASA Part 147 Training Manager (Nominated Persons)
6. EASA Regulation Part 147 Introduction
7. EASA Part 147: Differences between a Basic Training organisation and a Type Training organisation
8. Quality Assurance Activities in Support of the EASA Part 147 Organisation
9. Part 147 Introduction – General & Organisational Requirements
10. Example EASA 147 Training ProceduresManaging Competence with an EASA Part 147 Organisation Instructors, Examiners and Assessors
11. EASA Part 147 Competence Assessment Checklist
12. EASA Part 147 Training Needs Analysis (TNA) explained
13. Managing competence to deliver a TNA
14. Constructing a TNA taking into account all relevant elements
15. TNA Quality Control Process
16. EASA Part 147 - TNA & Structured Practical Training Process Related Requirements
17. Quality Review & Delivery of Effective Audits
18. Part-66/147 Regulatory Provisions Related to Examiners & Invigilators
19. Criteria for EASA Part 147 Examiners Competence & Responsibilities
20. Considering EASA Part 147 & The Role
of Examiners - Preparation & Performance of Examinations
21. Considering EASA Part 147 & The Use of Invigilators
22. EASA Part 147 Training & Mentoring Appropriate to Invigilators
23. EASA Part 147 Examiner / Assessor Continuation Training Objectives
24. MTOE Section 3 Contents Review
25. EASA Regulation Part 66 Introduction

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