Enroll Now - Pay Later! Enjoy optimal training access with an absolute minimum of administration

Enroll Now Pay Later Gain optimal access to training with an absolute minimum of administration

We at Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com are dedicated to providing our clients with accessible and high-quality online training solutions. The Enroll Now – Pay Later program is how we support you in the most beneficial way.

Since its inception in 2013, Sofema Online has been at the forefront of delivering specialized EASA-compliant regulatory online training courses, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the aviation industry. With a focus on regulatory and vocational training, SOL has built a robust platform offering over 330 courses, solidifying its reputation as a trusted training provider. Check out our training portfolio

The results of over a decade of excellence in the provision of online regulatory training are now even more accessible for our business clients. Gain optimum training access with the absolute minimum of administration – 1 email and you will immediately enroll your staff in over 330 Courses, Packages and Diplomas.

>> With the Enroll Now – Pay Later program, we are offering a convenient solution for all our Corporate Clients.
>> This program has been introduced specifically following multiple client requests to make enrollment easier and at the same time to maximise the available enrollment discount.

The Enroll Now – Pay Later program is designed to further enhance the accessibility of SOL’s extensive training portfolio for corporate clients.

>> The program allows immediate enrollment into any course or package, facilitating continuous learning without the constraints of upfront payment.
>> A monthly discounted proforma Invoice will be provided with a 30-day payment.
>> Enroll Now – Pay Later underscores SOL’s dedication to supporting the professional development of aviation personnel globally.

Key Benefits for Sofema Online Corporate clients include:

>> Immediate access to a wide range of courses with no waiting period.
>> Convenient monthly invoicing with extended payment terms of 30 days.
>> Exclusive discounts on courses and packages. A dedicated Corporate User Account Management system.
>> Access to free course materials upon meeting enrollment criteria.
>> The program is open to all SOL Privileged Training Partners (PTP). Interested organizations can join this elite group by requesting a partnership agreement, subject to SOL’s approval criteria.

About Sofema Online

A part of the larger Sofema Group, (www.sassofia.com) Sofema –ěnline has been a pioneer in delivering online regulatory training since 2013. With a mission to support the continuous development of aviation professionals, SOL provides an expansive range of regulatory-compliant courses, covering the following jurisdictions: EASA, FAA, UAE – GCAA, OTAR, etc, and reflecting the latest industry standards and practices.

Next Steps

Sofema Online invites corporations in the aviation sector to enhance their training capabilities through this unique program. Interested parties are encouraged to contact SOL to discuss partnership opportunities and to take advantage of the Enroll Now – Pay Later program.

How to join the program? Please contact team@sassofia.com to request your enrollment.