The Sofema Online Freedom Pass Upgrade Contest has ended - Congratulations to the 3 big winners!

SOL Our Freedom Pass Upgrade Contest has ended Congratulations to the 3 big winners SOLSofema Online (SOL) is excited to announce the 3 winners from our Freedom Pass Upgrade Contest. Congratulations to Neil Mills, Lina Tay, and Saeed Abdallah Saeed Osman!

Thank you for participating in our Contest! We trust that your well-deserved prize will open up vast opportunities in your professional endeavors. We are more than happy to support your learning path, and we eagerly anticipate celebrating your upcoming achievements! May this mark the beginning of your remarkable Success Story!

Sofema Online Freedom Pass

The SOL Freedom Pass is an exceptional gateway for aviation professionals who are determined to elevate their expertise and capabilities. This comprehensive program offers a rich variety of courses tailored to foster professional development in the aviation sector. See details

Our courses cater to a wide spectrum of learning needs, ensuring that every participant gains detailed understanding and practical knowledge. The user-friendly interface and pertinent, engaging material of Sofema Online make it the go-to resource for those committed to achieving new career heights. SOL stands as a beacon in aviation training, with a proven track record of enriching professionals across various roles. Don’t just take our word for it – hear it from our customers.

What have clients shared about Sofema Online training?

CAMO training:

>> A Training and Licensing Support Manager in Hong Kong found the CAMO Diploma beneficial for exploring new knowledge outside their current work scope.
>> A Lead Engineer found the CAMO Diploma essential for their career transition.
>> A Trainee Technical Services Executive praised the Reliability Mathematics course for its practical application in their company’s reliability analysis.
>> A Senior Planner in Engineering found the Reliability for Part CAMO course highly relevant to their planning role.

Quality & safety training:

>> A Ground Ops Nominated Person emphasized the Root Cause Analysis course as essential for maintaining high quality standards in a regulated industry.
>> An Accountable Manager highlighted the significance of the SMS course for Accountable Managers and Technical Records.
>> A Quality Assurance Professional from an airline company acknowledged the Aviation Quality Auditing and Root Cause Analysis course for enhancing their skills in Reliability and Quality Assurance.
>> A Production Planner at a major airline found an Aircraft Maintenance Planning course useful for its alignment with their job responsibilities and impact on their career.
>> A Maintenance Manager found the SMS course important for achieving an EASA regulatory compliance.

Training for trainers & instructors:

>> An Aircraft Engineering License Engineer shared that the Train the Trainer course helped them enhance their capabilities in training new engineers.
>> An SMS Trainer acknowledged the importance of the SMS Train the Trainer course for meeting regulatory requirements.
>> A Quality and Safety Manager at an airline company shared that the SMS Train the Trainer course impacted their career in a positive way.

EASA Part 145 recurrent training:

>> A Technical Training Engineer at an airline company found that the Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance course is applicable in both professional and personal life.
>> An Aircraft Mechanic in Germany shared that the Human Factors course supported their professional success.
>> An Aviation Engineering Professional found the EASA mod 9 & 10 courses integral for AMO application preparation.
>> A Deputy Maintenance Manager at an aerospace company highlighted the Part 145 SMS & HF Training for its comprehensive coverage of SMS processes.

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